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Protest Obama's fundraising visit: 1055 Forest Ave., Palo Alto
Date Thursday June 06
Time 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location Details
1055 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Event Type Protest
Obama is coming to Palo Alto at 5pm on Thursday, June 6 for yet another fundraiser, seeking money from and selling himself out to the .001%.

The fundraiser will be at this address:

1055 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

This notice is not a listing for an organized protest but rather a clarion call for anyone and everyone to come make their voices heard.

Upset about the White House targeting and harassing journalists, as has recently been proven?
Upset about endless lies and deceptions concerning wars, drones attacks, incessant military interventionism?
Upset about giving only lip service to LGBT rights?
Upset about the precedent of using the IRS to target political opponents? (Who's next?)
Upset about climate change?

Time to speak up! Whether you are just an individual, or part of a group, large or small, come and make a difference.

There is already a Keystone XL protest scheduled (see for details), but the protests should not be limited to just one issue.

Please forward this info to any groups with the organizational infrastructure to get a protest together quickly (such as WCW, Code Pink, OWS, ANSWER, etc. etc.), so they can put together their own events ASAP.

The fundraiser is at the home of Michael McCue and Marci McCue, billionaire big-money donors.

Confirmation that the fundraiser will be at the McCue home at 5pm on Thursday, June 6:

Confirmation that the McCue home address is 1055 Forest Avenue, Palo Alto:

Obviously all the streets around that address will be blocked off (as always happens at these fundraisers), so people should meet up at the closest point along the security perimeter where the millionaires' cars will be let through. This is likely to be not at Middlefield and University (where the Keystone XL protest was originally set to convene) but four blocks further up the street at Hale Street and University Ave.; possibly people will be allowed down Hale to Hamilton and Boyce, even closer. Just start heading toward 1055 Forest from University Ave. (Palo Alto's main drag, just a couple blocks away) and go as far as they will let us, and congregate there.

The Powers That Be have tried to keep the location of this fundraiser secret to avoid protests. The people need to have their voices heard!
Added to the calendar on Wednesday Jun 5th, 2013 11:20 AM

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by right
Wednesday Jun 5th, 2013 1:31 PM
what about police harassment and so called civil liberties. palo alto cops are notorious liars as the anarchos know. people are being snooped on by palo alto police. watch out. palo alto is a militar state testing ground.
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Thursday Jun 6th, 2013 8:19 AM
Today's news story around the world, including the local daily rag, is
NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers
Exclusive: Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama
by Glenn Greenwald, June 5, 2013
His article has the link to the court order.
Of course, if you are a serious voter, you did your homework in 2008 and learned that Obama is from a CIA family, whose parents met in a Russian language class in 1960 in Hawaii, at a time when if you were not of Russian descent, you did not take Russian as we were experiencing the anti-Soviet terrorism of the US government, of which the CIA is a part. You would also know that Obama owes his education to the CIA and his CIA history is why he called Mr. CIA, George Bush, Jr., a "good man" at the dedication of the Bush library.

You also read the article by then Green Party member, SF Board of Supervisors president Matt Gonzalez,
The Obama Craze, dated 2/29/08

The fact is the Democrats only exist to make sure we never vote Red (socialist) or Green. That is why they mouth a few decent phrases at election time to get your votes, and then once elected, carry out the same capitalist agenda as the Republicans because the Democrats and Republicans are paid for by the same capitalist class and their corporations. Obama's chief sponsor is billionaire Democrat Penny Pritzker, known for stealing workers' money at Superior Bank and union busting at her Hyatt hotels. He just rewarded her with a position as Commerce Secretary. No millionaire-billionaire can represent the workingclass. Obama is a millionaire. The Democrats and Republicans proudly state that they have NO DIFFERENCE on foreign policy, and since we cannot have guns and butter, they have no difference on domestic policy. There are lots of anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage Democrats.

The list of grievances above does not include the primary reason that people vote for the Democrats: Social Security and Medicare. Obama wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.

It also does not include his attacks on medical marijuana users, which means he is a proud promoter of the racist prison pipeline to maximize the profits of the prison industry, the only reason any drugs are illegal as all drugs should be legalized, getting them off the street as they will have no market value. Of course, if drugs are legal, then the CIA and the war machine will not have enough money to finance their blood for oil wars to maximize the profits of the oil and munitions industries where the greatest profits are; maximization of profits being the primary goal of capitalism. The only reason the military exists is to maximize profits of the capitalist class.

It also does not include the privatizing of the school system with Race to the Top, the same as No Child Left Behind, with the mass closure of public schools by Democrats in Chicago and across the nation in the workingclass, primarily African American communities. Clearly, the capitalist class wants to make this country another low wage, illiterate Haiti to maximize its profits.

The two parties on the California ballot which oppose spying, the CIA, the prison pipeline, illegal drugs (all drugs should be legalized), privatizing the school system, and cuts to Social Security and Medicare are Peace & Freedom and the Green Party. They need you now to stay on the ballot. Register in either party now online at:

For more information, see:
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Thursday Jun 6th, 2013 8:29 AM
Democrat Obama has been trying to prevent the Morning After Pill from being non-prescription. We finally won a court order allowing it to be sold over-the-counter while Obama's Justice Department appeals the original court order doing the same. See

This is the same Justice Department that failed to drop Bush's frame-up charges against attorney Lynne Stewart but has continued the prosecution and persecution of this outstanding workingclass attorney and is now refusing to give her a compassionate release from prison as she is dying of cancer. Sign the petition to have her released at
For more information on her case, see

And this is the same Obama whose military is prosecuting and persecuting the heroic Bradley Manning who exposed American war crimes.
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