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KPFA 5/21/13 Evening News Promotes Anti-Sovietism
by 57 year listener
Tuesday May 21st, 2013 7:50 PM
The KPFA Evening News, just before the end at around 6:55 p.m. on 5/21/13, 94.1 FM, had a strange, anti-Soviet story that would have fit perfectly on a capitalist radio station.
The KPFA Evening News, just before the end at around 6:55 p.m. on 5/21/13, 94.1 FM, had a strange, anti-Soviet story that would have fit perfectly on a capitalist radio station. First, it had the famous story of counter-revolutionary former Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, having a picture of Leon Trotsky, the founder of the Red Army, and co-founder of the Soviet Union with V.I. Lenin, removed from a picture with the two of them together.

Then it jumps to the current Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, born in 1952 and thus a member of the First Generation After The Great Patriotic War, as the Russians call World War 2, trying to make sure today’s students, the Third Generation After, learn the proud history of the Red Army in World War 2 that literally saved all our lives. This statement I have heard from Jewish corporate attorneys made out loud on the job; it is widely accepted in the Jewish community regardless of political outlook. Ceremonies commemorating the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz survivors are always supported by the entire Jewish community. The little blurb on Putin's WW2 history program ended with some nut screaming about atrocities and someone else saying, correctly, that all military forces can be found to have done the wrong thing during a war. No history was given and no recognition of the importance of the Soviet Union to our survival was provided.

The Soviet Union moved as many Jews as well as non-Jews as it could East of the Ural Mountains. The Soviet Union lost 20 million of its citizens, out of the 50 million who died in WW2. Some 90% of Soviet men born between 1921 and 1923 died in WW2. Every family was adversely affected in the Soviet Union. It was the Red Army that was the first to enter Berlin, with a Soviet woman major planting the red flag in Berlin. The Soviet people, of whom the Russians were only one nationality, were literally defending their homes from the Nazi invasion perpetrated by Hitler who was set up by the capitalist world to destroy the Soviet Union, the first socialist state, as well as all of the labor and socialist movements of Europe.

Vladimir Putin is no angel. However, he stands on solid foundation when it comes to teaching the proud history of the Red Army.

We also had during this May fundraiser, which has 2 more days to go, the anti-Bolshevik Noam Chomsky, promoted as some kind of great thinker, something he clearly does not do as he not only opposes the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, a major achievement for the workingclass, he also promotes the government lies on President Kennedy’s assassination and on the 9/11 Inside Job. This reactionary anti-Communist does not belong on KPFA.

This writer usually tunes in to KFPA during weekday mornings either for the Morning Mix at 8 a.m. or just before the 9 a.m. Democracy Now broadcast, and this past week we have had the vicious insult of having the viciously reactionary Brian Edwards Tiekert take up the Morning Mix hour from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. as well as his regular program from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday. This is not acceptable and the anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism consigns KPFA to the same category as the capitalist press. The Second Generation After WW2, those born at the time of the 1975 Victory in Vietnam, made possible in part with assistance from the entire socialist world, including the Soviet Union, should immediately learn the history of the Soviet Union, its revolution and its leadership in the defeat of fascism in Europe which ended WW2 in Europe in May 1945. Clearly, you will not hear it on KPFA; you have to read books at the library and research the Internet.

To this day, the school system of the Soviet Union and at least one of the large former Soviet republics, Ukraine, is far better than the American school system, with foreign languages, and science (biology, chemistry, physics) and math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry) taught before high school and to everyone and to this day, Russia and Ukraine have socialized medicine, and the Russians have paid vacation as a matter of federal law, something most of the industrialized world has, but not the backward USA. If you talk to anyone from Russia or the former Soviet Republics living in the US today, you will learn all of this and more.

This writer can remember KPFA as a beacon of sanity in anti-Communist and anti-Soviet USA. We had Bill Mandel with his Soviet affairs program, where we could learn Soviet history and current events in the Soviet Union. This garbage we heard tonight would have been unthinkable. Apparently that era has ended. Therefore, my interest in KPFA, for the most part, has ended. What a shame.
by Konsider
Wednesday Jun 5th, 2013 10:28 AM
The revolution of 1917, and the Bolsheviks are not the same thing. What about the others who participated in the revolution? People like Rosa Luxemburg who were exiled, or the anarchists who were jailed?