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Promoting Fluoridation: An Open Letter to the Sebastopol City Council
by Jenny Miller
Tuesday Apr 30th, 2013 2:03 PM
Sonoma County is in the midst of an intense debate regarding the stated plans of the Board of Supervisors to move forward with fluoridating the water supply. There is a proposal being put before the Sebastopol City Council to include pro-fluoride information along with the water bills of residents. This is my open letter to the City Council about why they should learn the facts first.
Dear Sebastopol City Council Members,

I heard with alarm that you are considering a plan to add information about the benefits of fluoridation to residents' water bills. I wonder if you have taken the time to educate yourself about the harmful effects of mass medication with this industrial waste product? None of the proposed water additives are fluoride in its pure form, all of them are mixed with a variety of other toxins, and all are classified as "hazardous waste" by the EPA. These products are particularly harmful to infants, since when mixed with any form of baby formula concentrate (liquid or powdered) the resulting brew is 100 times more than the safe level for infants. (See attached article by Dr. Mercola, a leading medical researcher.) Even the ADA, which is a proponent of fluoridation, has cautioned mothers of the necessity of using bottled water instead of fluoridated water to make baby formula.

If the fluoridation proposal goes through in Sonoma County, it is unlikely that most mothers will be aware of this threat to their infants. Are you going to make sure that every mother in your district is knowledgeable about the toxicity of using tap water mixed with formula? The state legislature in NH passed a law saying just that, that every water recipient in the state had to be informed of this toxicity, with the information included in their water bill. What happened to the vision of having Sebastopol as a Toxics-free zone?

Let's say all the mothers in Sebastopol are informed about this toxicity (including those who only read Spanish or other languages, or who are blind and don't have easy access to written governmental warnings, or never learned how to read)? How will they know what bottled water is safe to use? Regular water filters do not remove fluoride, and low income parents cannot afford expensive reverse osmosis systems which do remove fluoride. Unfortunately, most bottled water also contains fluoride, and there is no requirement that it be labelled. Most likely, residents of Sonoma County and Sebastopol will wind up with the worst of both worlds--thousands of plastic water bottles littering our landfill, and the vast majority of infants still being exposed to dangerous levels of fluoride. Just one of the harmful side effects of increased fluoride exposure is lowered IQ in children. In a Harvard meta-study, published recently, they found that children in fluoridated areas had IQs that were an average of 7 points lower than children in non-fluoridated areas. Dr. Mercola does an excellent job of explaining some of the other hazards in the attached article.

Thanks for your consideration of these facts.
Jenny Miller
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