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Is Facebook Blocking Posts And Deleting Profiles Of Anti-GMO Activists?
by John Thielking
Wednesday Apr 24th, 2013 2:18 PM
Author's Note: This information, including the articles on GMO corn, is preliminary information only. The report that the articles are based on has not been published so there is no way to verify it's authenticity. Still, Facebook appears to have deleted the account of Magistar Networks and is blocking the viewing of this article by at least one of my FB friends.
Something very odd just happened. I just now posted a comment to a thread hosted by Magistar Networks [on Facebook]. I got a reply to that comment from MSNW, but when I tried to access the link from the notifications menu, Facebook gave me an error message saying the link was broken or the post removed. Then I checked my friends list and found that MSNW was no longer in my friends list and I did a search on FB to try to find MSNW and found nothing. Is this what happens when someone blocks you? I was agreeing with MSNW in her latest post, backing her up essentially with my latest post, so I don't know why she would block me. This is very odd. The articles I was using to make my comments were the following:

and finally, the article that started the discussion is located here: My point was that it seems silly to compare combustion rates between gmo and non-gmo corn and in fact the last article in the list seemed to be talking about auras instead of combustion so seemed incredible/noncredible on its face. My attitude has since changed, grudgingly admitting that in fact the combustion rates were measured and people who wrote the articles were not being confused about "auras".

Additional comments from FB:

John Thielking: Ok, I just completed some troubleshooting of why I lost contact with MSNW. I created a fake FB profile and logged in but still I am not able to find Magistar Networks on FB. Can anyone else find this profile on FB? Thanks.

John Thielking: I now have word from one of my friends on FB that he can't see this posting on my wall. I guess I will just have to post my stuff somewhere other than FB to be sure that it gets seen by SOMEONE other than just myself.

Additional comments on Indybay:

The controversy started with MSNW because the one article that she referred to seemed to be saying that the energy was "emitted" from the corn as if they were measuring some kind of aura or they were totally confused about what was really being measured. I also pointed out that since I had been burned once before by a health practitioner and a health food store publishing unreferenced "data" from a Rutgers Univ study that allegedly showed that organic food was more nutritious than conventionally grown food, while the actual study was conducted in the 1940's well before any attention was being paid to organic food and in fact the study only documents variations in nutritional content of food based on the type of soil the food was grown in, NOT weather pesticides were used or not; because of that whole process I was highly skeptical of any relative nutrition claims of organic vs conventional food coming from a source that on its face appeared to not know what they were talking about. Despite my misgivings, I ended up essentially agreeing with MSNW in my last post to her wall, saying that the comment thread in one of the articles had backed up the assertion that the test results were not in fact test results from a soil sample but were likely in fact the same type of test as done for soil, but actually performed on the corn itself. So again it is a complete mystery to me why MSNW would have blocked me if that is indeed what happened.
§For what it is worth...
by John Thielking Thursday Apr 25th, 2013 2:43 PM
For what it is worth, I contacted one of my friends who is not yet a FB friend and he was unable to find Magistar Networks on FB, so that means that MSNW definitely did not block me. (I was not sure if friends of mine on FB would not be able to see a profile of someone who had blocked me.) Also, one other friend on FB was able to see and comment on my article as it was posted on my wall. I suspect that someone at FB just happened to choose this particular moment to enforce the FB terms of use policy that says you have to use your real name as your screen name. Oh well....Can you spell Selective Enforcement?
by anon
Thursday Apr 25th, 2013 7:17 AM
Big (spy) media can do as they want. And they will.

What did Orwell say about "rewriting" history...?

For example:

women novelists (such as Amy Tan, Harper Lee, Donna Tartt and 300 others) have been moved off the ‘American novelists’ page and into the ‘American women novelists’ category. Not the back of the bus, or the kiddie table exactly – except of course when you Google ‘American novelists’ the list that appears is almost exclusively men.”...