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Idriss Stelley Foundation celebrates 10 years of struggle against police violence
by KPFA Evening News, 04.20.2013
Sunday Apr 21st, 2013 10:25 PM
For 10 years, the Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF), has engaged in politics and protest to stop police violence, and counseled biological and extended families whose loved ones have been disabled or killed by law enforcement. ISF celebrated its anniversary, and its recent victory in the fight against arming San Francisco Police with tasers, at El Rio on Saturday, 04.20.2013, in San Francisco.

The Idriss Stelley Foundation (ISF) engages in politics and protest to stop police violence.  ISF also provides free, confidential services to biological and extended families whose loved ones have been disabled or killed by law enforcement.

Getting started. Idriss Stelley Foundation Program Director Jeremy Miller at the mike.

Blackberri singing "Eat the Rich."
Mr. Charles Pitts, breakin' it down.

Jeremy Miller, Fly Benzo, Mesha Irizarry
Carol Harvey and Jeremy Miller

Leroy Moore and Tiny Gray-Garcia

Lo, Mesha, and Lacey

Back of a celebrant's leather vest.

An assortment of the usual unusual suspects.

El Rio, after the sun went down.
Lacey and Ramsés Téon Nichols after the sun went down.

Idriss Stelley, 23-year-old multilingual honor student and son of Mesha Monge-Irizarry, died of 48 gunshot wounds fired by nine San Francisco Police officers as he stood unarmed and alone in San Francisco's Metreon Movie Theatre on June 13, 2001.  He was suffering a mental health crisis.

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by years
Tuesday Apr 23rd, 2013 12:25 PM
tears was a misprint, but decided to leave it that way. 10 years ,man that's frustrating. maybe we are unable to affect events. good reason to stop reproducing.