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Statement from The Revolutionary Tendency Regarding Sanctuary Camp and Ending Homelessness
by Steven Argue
Thursday Apr 18th, 2013 2:19 PM
Legalize the Right of the Poor to Sleep!

For Human and Environmental Needs, Not Profit!
Here is an interesting video on homelessness in Santa Cruz which includes a proposal for a a safe camp for the homeless to sleep at night. Currently, it is illegal for the homeless in Santa Cruz to sleep at night. The video claims to be the beginning of the discussion. Actually, the discussion has been going on for a long time now. The video also calls for the "ideal" being a sanctuary camp in Santa Cruz with good relations with "law enforcement". Unfortunately, the reality is that the police, and their bosses on the City Council, see the homeless as the enemy and treat them as criminals. It is an illusion to think that suddenly those in power will stop treating the poor as enemies. It is extremely likely that a new camp will face similar repression and a repeat of the hateful propaganda in the corporate media that all other homeless camps have faced in the past.

The Revolutionary Tendency supports the right of the homeless to sleep at night without the violence and harassment of the police, vigilantes, and courts. This will include the defense of this new attempt at an organized camp for the homeless, whatever the reaction of the corporate media and repressive government.

Yet, to truly solve questions of homelessness will take the overthrow of the capitalist system and the smashing of the repressive capitalist state. The nationalization of the banks alone will free up enough unused housing to put everyone in a home. The socialist abolition of rent will make keeping a roof over our heads much easier and end the near feudal relations many of us have with our landlords who collect an extremely high percentage of our wages. Our socialized planned economy will completely eliminate unemployment by maintaining and expanding all work that is socially useful, regardless of profit. Socialized healthcare will end the debt and homelessness suffered by some people for simply becoming ill. Socialized healthcare will also include free non-religious based drug and alcohol treatment for all who want it. In addition, all who are too disabled to work will easily be provided for in a society that puts human needs over the extreme and obscene profits of a few greedy capitalists.

Legalize the Right of the Poor to Sleep!

For Human and Environmental Needs, Not Profit!

Join the Revolutionary Tendency

-Steven Argue, for the Revolutionary Tendency

Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp Video