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Obama: Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid! Improved Medicare for All!
Date Wednesday April 03
Time 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Location Details
Divisadero & Pacific Ave
# 3, 24, 1 buses, map
Event Type Protest
Obama: Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!
Improved Medicare for All! Scrap the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap!
Obamacare? Hell No! Insurance Companies Got to Go!

Demonstrate at Obama’s Fundraiser
Wednesday, April 3, 5-6:30 PM
Divisadero & Pacific Ave
# 3, 24, 1 buses, map

Obama’s in town raising money from his rich supporters, while preparing to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits from the poorest and most vulnerable people in society. Obamacare will leave tens of millions uninsured, including all undocumented immigrants, will force millions onto high-deductable insurance they can’t afford to use, will provide better care for the rich who can afford it, and will incentivize employers to convert full-time jobs to part-time. Obamacare also squeezes Medicare by clamping down on its spending, while allowing insurance and drug companies’ prices and profits to rise.

Improved Medicare is the solution to rising healthcare costs, not the problem. Having everyone pay into Medicare and having an improved Medicare cover everyone would provide Equal, Comprehensive, Affordable and Accessible healthcare for everyone, at less cost because of the resulting control over healthcare prices, economies of scale, and the elimination of the bloated profits and bureaucracy of the private insurance system.

Social Security is the country’s most successful social program. It does not, and can not contribute a penny to the national debt, and should not be even mentioned in discussing the debt. Social Security has a surplus of over $2.5 Trillion, and is growing, enough to fund full benefits until 2033, and 75% of benefits after that. Taxing incomes over $113,700 could sustain full benefits indefinitely. Obama’s chained-CPI is a Social Security benefit cut that would get worse as recipients get older, $1,200 per year for recipients in their 80s.

We need jobs rebuilding housing, schools, hospitals and roads, not austerity for us and more wealth for the rich.
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Environmentalists opposing the Keystone XL oil pipeline are gearing up to protest in San Francisco's wealthy Pacific Heights neighborhood on April 3, when President Barack Obama will dine with the city's upper crust for a Democratic Party fundraiser.

Credo Action – the advocacy arm of telecom Credo Mobile – is mobilizing the protest in tandem with the Sierra Club, and Friends of the Earth. Credo Action political director Becky Bond says she expects around 1,000 protesters to turn out. Since the pipeline will traverse international boundaries, Obama has the power to reject permits for its construction, and environmentalists across the country are calling upon him to do so.

There have been protests outside the White House, but Bond says environmentalists' goal is to follow the president wherever he goes to demonstrate Keystone XL opposition. “Everywhere he has a public appearance he’ll find protesters – even if he’s attending a [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] fundraiser in Pac Heights,” Bond told the Guardian. “Before we can get behind any part of his agenda, he needs to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. He doesn’t realize how much this will hurt him, both in his base and with his donors.”

According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Obama will make two different stops in Pac Heights when he visits San Francisco early next month. The main attraction will be a $32,500-per-person dinner hosted by philanthropists Ann and Gordon Getty at their mansion, listed as 2870 Broadway on Credo Action’s event announcement. The Getty family fortune, as it happens, was originally derived from the oil industry.

Obama’s other fundraising stop, meanwhile, raises some interesting questions.

The LA Times reports that prior to dining with the Gettys, Obama will attend “a $5,000-per-person cocktail reception at the home of Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manager.”

Steyer isn't just any former hedge fund manager – he’s a billionaire and founder of Farallon Capital, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Steyer is also a self-proclaimed environmentalist – he recently told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I believe global warming is the big moral issue of our time.”

He made headlines earlier this week when he pledged to fund an opposition campaign challenging Congressional representative Stephen Lynch, a Massachusetts Democrat running for Senate, because Lynch supports the Keystone XL pipeline. Perhaps Obama will get an earful on Keystone inside Steyer’s mansion as well as from protesters out on the street.

As a side note, Steyer’s grave concern about climate change apparently hasn’t always prevented him from investing in the fossil fuel industry. According to this report, Farallon Capital bought up 1.8 million shares of BP stock in August of 2011 – after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill utterly devastated the Gulf of Mexico.
To all of you who are still registered Democrat: No millionaire can represent the workingclass, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year. Millionaires do not have our problems; they derive their wealth from exploiting us. When a party raises funds from oil millionaires, you can be sure it will sing the tune of oil millionaires, always anti-labor by definition. Always follow the money of a party and its candidates, and when it comes to the Democrats, the same corporations support both the Democrats and Republicans. This lame duck millionaire president does not even have to worry about pretending to get our votes anymore. Matt Gonzalez warned everyone about Obama in his Counterpunch article of 2/29/08, The Obama Craze, at

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