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We Are Ready To Occupy
by Zachary Running Wolf
Monday Mar 25th, 2013 10:00 PM
knowing put pressure on the establishment (oppressor or Beast) to try to come up with an excuse to kick us out of Public Places such as Oscar Grant Plaza, Snow Park or in front of the Federal Reserve ( Market street, SF). The question is Poverty a Crime?, Why cannot we occupy the The Oakland Occupy movement where is it and what has happened to it?
As with any movement or struggle changes happened for better or worse and have to be analyzed. The Occupy movement started with Wall street and its economic fleecing Of America with the Bank bailouts as everyone remembers the cheer "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out". The movement started on Wall street but quickly spread around the entire country (United Snakes of Amerikkklan) and internationally. The beauty of the movement was it actually started long after the 21 trillion dollars was doled out to KKKorporate Amerikkklan (not only the Banks got bailed out but other kkkorporations like Macdonalds, Catapillar and many others) , so late that the the powers in charge could not penalize or scapegoat their way out of it. Secondly, the movement had an umbrella inclusion saying of the 99% this simply said that the 1% was taking too much and we the 99% are not taking anymore. The media tried to play stupid and get the movement to steer away from the 99% which never happened but each city seemed to take on its own character (Tribalism). Here in the Bay Area the occupation movement took on various aspect for instance Oakland was about Police brutality and non accountability (after the Oscar Grant movement), in Berkeley with the student higher tuition (Education-Free University) and San Francisco was about the Federal reserve (money).
One important observation I made as a traditional Indigenous elder that during the height of the movement was that none of the occupations were inside buildings but were all in public areas or Commons. Thus we unCommons?, Is that what it is for? which leads me to the whole controversy over occupying occupied Indigenous lands (the illegal existence of United Snakes of Amerikkklan) which in the Bay Area the Occupying was more of a strategic way of protesting. The modern occupy movement was most recently inspired by the longest (648 days) urban Tree-sit in US history at the Memorial grove in Berkeley, CA. which people thanked us (Tree people - Tuk Pikuni) and commented they have not seen anything like this since the Sixties. In fact when the Police (FTP) and the Federal government did their 18 (666) city coordinated attack on the Occupy movement the only one to survive and stay was a Tree sitter (RunningWolf) in Oakland, CA. The Oakland occupy then took the lead in the occupation movement along with the Oakland Police shooting of Scott Olsen with a tear gas canister during the riots. Which this incident and the Oscar Grant protests brought a uniqueness to Oakland Occupation in that we voted 7 to 1 to be the only occupation to meet violence (the Police) with violence.
The Occupy Movement in Oakland did address the issue of going from a Patrical society to a Matriarchal society and are still going through the process. The GA did vote to return the City of Oakland to the Ohlone (Muwekma) People the Indigenous people who aren't even recognized by the Federal (illegal themselves) government. When the Oakland Occupy was at its height in Oscar Grant Plaza we had developed a grandmothers security team to confront young people who were experiencing difficulties without a Male to Male standoff or moreover a physical altercation. The group came up with a anti-patriarch group but could never deal with the Indigenous Elder (RunningWolf) in the Plaza who also offered to get an Indigenous Elder Grandmother from his working Matriarchal society. Once again the Eurocentric (Ego- Patronizing the Indigenous) came into play and never called RunningWolf on his offer.
The GA (General Assemblies) are Bullshit and so is consensus (nonsense) let me explain these two Eurocentric concepts are so moving, highly infiltrated. The Indigenous community is based on elders (wisdom and experience), chiefs or leaders (self sacrificing for the people) and Medicine people. We never open up our survival to uninformed hence the saying "United Snakes of Amerikkklan biggest weapon is giving the right to the individual to have a uninformed opinion" an old Indian proverb I (and the ancestors) just made up. It is good to talk in an open forum but not about sensitive material and most are not capable or comfortable with details or consequences. As the Indigenous community everybody has a song with the Creator on in life and we help to find your pathway and together we make a community or Tribe.
Oakland Occupy has gone indoors with squatting (and community gardens) and foreclosure defense which has it place and his helping with the mind police issue as Steven Biko (South African student leader) said "The biggest weapon of the Oppressor is the mind of the oppressed". The oppressor (kkkorporate Amerikkklan and the (Fuck the) police) are now squeezing the squats it is time to go outdoors and re-occupy and stay off Face Book. .

Respectfully RunningWolf

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by acronym
Tuesday Mar 26th, 2013 12:29 PM
the united states new name is R.A.P.E. --- Racist Apartheid Plans for Extermination.