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Man held on $5,000 bail & 18 days despite evidence proving innocence in his pocket
by brent can't even believe it..
Thursday Mar 21st, 2013 7:20 PM
A man who was in close physical proximity to the cop killings, visited their memorial leaving a box of donuts and was detained on a suspicion that he had stolen a bouquet of flowers even though he had a sales receipt.
It's all true friends, I urge you to understand that this is the current climate of fear and suspicion that we are in today. Our "justice" system has unfairly falsely imprisoned this guy for more than 2 weeks in jail.
I direct you to the story in the local rag.
by brentedge
Thursday Mar 21st, 2013 9:17 PM
could it be?
I am wondering who has the power to hold accountable the officers that violated the laws they are sworn to uphold. Obviously not the untrustable DA. Obviously not law enforcement. State or Federal powers?

If nothing else, there is a civil suit just waiting to happen, for this specific case of petty retaliation, if indeed the plaintiff was incarcerated on vindictively false charges. The law is very clear on this point. Law enforcement is not allowed to abuse their powers. The problem is the broken mechanism of enforcement, when it comes to lawless officers (see Dorner).
by G
Wednesday Apr 3rd, 2013 2:59 PM
Why is it that interest in, let alone enforcement of, accountability STOPS the moment the perps turn out to be law enforcement?

It is a common pattern. Some might say a pattern of behavior, which is also a legal issue worth pursuing.

Given the example logic; shouldn't a police force with a prior record of vindictive prosecution ALSO be held, in JAIL? Well, unless they are rogue, like Dorner; in that case it is apparently OK to shoot innocents, on the way to the public immolation.

The problem with rule of law, when some are above it, and others are abused by it: is the consent of the governed is forfeited.