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Occupy the Pipeline Rally & March
Date Saturday March 23
Time 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location Details
Union Square
San Francisco
Event Type Protest
Join Occupy the Pipeline, and Sane Energy Project as we Call Out TD Bank for Greenwashing their Image!

We are Calling for All Concerned Citizens to Stop Providing Tar Dollars for Total Destruction! If you have money in TD Bank we think it's time to MOVE YOUR MONEY.

You don't have to live in NYC to join in this Action!

TD Bank aka Toronto Dominion Bank has provided the largest corporate loans for the Keystone XL Pipeline project, and was in 2012 the fourth largest institutional shareholder in Transcanada Corp. We think it's pretty silly that a bank claiming to be "carbon neutral" is playing a violently active role in propping up one of the most carbon intense and destructive infrastructure projects in recent memory. On SATURDAY, MARCH 23 at NOON, we will gather in UNION SQUARE and march to tell TD that no bank that supports KEYSTONE XL will be getting our business.

We encourage you to consider closing your account with TD, and there will be opportunities to do so during the march. Come and join us! Reach out to your networks and bring your friends!

If you are not in NYC or unable to attend, we hope you will participate by closing your accounts where ever you live.
Make sure to let them know why you are closing it.
We suggest finding your local Community Credit Union and supporting them.

We will be sending a letter to TD Bank to let them know we are not fooled by their Green Wash. The Tar is showing through!


If you bank with any of these other banks, we would suggest moving your money from them as well:

Top financiers of TransCanada:
Bank of Montreal
JPMorgan Chase
Royal Bank of Canada
Scotia Bank
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by Zachary RunninmgWolf
(runningwolf.zachary [at] Thursday Mar 21st, 2013 9:36 PM
We (Tree People-Tuk Pikuni) totally support for Direct Action against the XL pipeline and applaud the past (85 day tree-sit ) and blockades on Reservations like Pin Ridge SD.. But we also need to reduce and look at our personal use of the Automobile because we are the ultimate deciders if we let these KKKorporate Criminals abuse us. We the Tree People and the Indigenous community are holding the 4th annual 9-11 Stop Driving (org) Global Warming 4 day boycott of personal car use starting on September 11th. See the website Stop for all endorsers and how to dial in. Car driving is expensive, polluting and totally unhealthy (Obesity and Diabetes) which I have not driven since 2001.
by -------
Friday Mar 22nd, 2013 7:42 PM
So sick of targeting one political issue at a time. When are we just going to protest the existence of the "THE US EMPIRE" for crying out loud AND STICK WITH IT? I mean, isn't protesting the totality where this will all eventually lead in a hundred years anyway? Why not speed up the process so we can just get it over with? All this slow waiting and no progress is making me not want to sit still. It's unbearable physically and mentally. It makes me feel sick to my stomach to have to watch and endure the slow suffering.

Protesting the U.S. empire would include protesting every political issue that is attached to it would it not? Protesting the U.S. empire would not only include protesting the pipeline but would include WAR, racism against immigrants, CAPITALIST GLOBALIZATION, CAPITALISM IN GENERAL, ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION, THE POLICE STATE, BANKS, MAINSTREAM CORPORATE MEDIA, ANIMAL TESTING, SYSTEMIC OPPRESSION OF WOMEN, PEOPLE OF COLOR, LGBTI/QUEER! Why not just agree at everything all at once and organize?

Isn't it the TOTALITY I.E. THE SYSTEM AS A WHOLE that is holding back social progress concerning all the above mentioned social, political, economic issues?

Everyone must know the answer to that is yes?

Just saying that if you want to bring down the beast, don't you want to attack the beast all over with everything you got by tapping into your full potential? rather than just attack it's tail one day, then another day bite its arm and it's leg for lunch tomorrow and then wait a month and a year to protest it against so that all the bite marks have already healed?

I consider myself to be a rational person and in my opinion we are not living up to our full potential.

The time has got to come when we ask our selves "is protesting one thing at a time rather than the existence of the US empire it self radical enough and aren't be being a little to cooperative with the state and haven't we been taking the reformist approach to everything long enough? The never ending quest for capital and control has to bother you a little bit at some point and at some point you need to start taking action a little further. No?

What ever happened to struggling for independence when everything goes wrong and continues to get worse? Why is the social struggle in America still limited to little social reforms in the political process when everyone knows the political process is driven by Wall Street, prisons and the military industrial complex? And we are not reversing this process by being cooperative with the beast all the time. It feels like we're losing and being manipulated by puppets in Washington.

Where are all the hardcore people on the left asking hardball questions like this?

I know Bush isn't the President and all but OBAMA now has the power to bomb Americans with drones and why would the democrats be interested in having that power if they didn't intend to use it on us some time in the future?

Does anyone even care?