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Ten Years Later: A Look Back at "Direct Action to Stop the War" and the plans to shut down downtown SF in 2003
by D.A.S.W.
Tuesday Mar 19th, 2013 11:53 AM
Ten years ago today, the U.S. bombing, invasion, and long-term occupation of Iraq began by order of George W Bush with the consent of the over 70% of Americans. Ten years ago tomorrow -- after months of permitted marches on both sides of the San Francisco Bay intent on preventing the war -- those opposed to U.S. military action rose up to protest en masse by shutting down downtown San Francisco in perhaps one of the largest collective acts of civil disobedience ever seen in the area. On the first day alone, over 50,000 demonstrators filled the streets of San Francisco and nearly 1500 people were arrested by SFPD. Collectively, "Direct Action to Stop the War" was the spokescouncil that spent months organizing the rebellion.
If the War Starts, the Next Business Day We Call for Mass, Nonviolent Direct Action in Downtown San Francisco. No Business as Usual! Meet 7am at Justin Herman Plaza in SF.

Emergency mass non-violent direct action protest planned for 7am the morning of the next Business Day after the US strikes. Meet at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco.

Transform our city from Profit and War into Life and Resistance! -- shut down the corporate warmakers!

Direct Action to Stop the War website archive (3/19/03):

Direct Action to Stop the War
Nonviolent direct action to confront war and empire

"We Interrupt This Empire..." documented the rebellion (VIDEO):

§Direct Action to Stop the War - day after war starts action map
by D.A.S.W. Tuesday Mar 19th, 2013 11:58 AM

Download PDF

1) If the government and corporations won't stop the war, we'll shut down the warmakers! We will impose real economic, social and political costs and stop business as usual until the war stops.We are publicly declaring and organizing mass nonviolent direct action now, before war begins, with the express intention of deterring a war against Iraq and future wars.
2) Assert our power to transform our city from profits, oil and war to resistance and life! We will create an open, welcoming, inspiring space that gives voice to the antiwar majority as an assertion of real democracy.
3) Uproot the system behind the war (and behind the war at home—racism, poverty…); help catalyze mass movements to challenge corporate and government power and create socially just, directly democratic, ecological, peaceful alternatives.


We are asking affinity (action) groups choose from the menu and take over and transform the following key intersections and corporate and government offices/buildings. Or join the "Take Out" mobile Bikes not Bombs actions. Or plan your own action and menu item. Attend the weekly spokescouncil meeting to coordinate and help organize. The business day the morning after war starts you may wish to just go directly to a "menu" location or else to Main and Market where people will go out to support the actions. There are many ways to reclaim, transform, occupy or blockade spaces. Sit-ins, street parties, lockdown, objects, performance, street murals, gardening, large sculpture, dieins…


Invite everyone you know.We will have fliers and encourage everyone to make an effort to talk to, diffuse or get support from those who get stuck on their way to work, school or other business.


Government and Corporate

A) City Corpse/UK Consulate—Sansome & Market
B) Carlyle Group/TransAmerica Pyramid—
600 Montgomery
C) Pacific Stock Exchange (2nd floor)—220 Bush (near Kearny)
D) Bechtel, 50 Beale Street

E) CBS Westinghouse Electric—221 Main St. Near Howard

G) Federal Building—Golden Gate & Polk
H) Federal Reserve—101 Market
J) Military Recruitment Center—670 Davis

“This approach might provide some of us older people, in particular, with a
more viable method for prolonged participation.” From the person who started
this idea, which was used by the movement that toppled Slobadan
Milosevic. Drive through downtown very, very slowly. Or team up with
one or two other drivers and take two or three lanes on one street.
Support bicyclists and help the street blockade actions. Or simply stop
your car and refuse to move for as long as you are comfortable doing so.
Run out of gas. Or just leave it.Transform the City. Stop the War.


Join the mobile Bikes not Bombs. Bring your bike (or rollerblades, or
skateboard or any human-powered wheels) with signs, flags, and decorations
to Main and Market at 7am (or whenever you can make it) and support
all the stationary action, fill the streets with bicycles, get the word
out….Your affinity group can be its own moving anti-war bike ride.

Intersections and Arteries

Primi Piatti (1st Course):
1) Lombard & Van Ness
2) Polk & Broadway
3) Polk & Bush
4) Market & Franklin
5) Division & Van Ness
6) 6th & Brannan
7) 5th & Mission (SF Chronicle)
8) 3rd & Folsom
9) Harrison & 2nd
10) Harrison & Fremont
11) Embarcadero & Market
12) Broadway @ Columbus

Secondi Piatti (2nd Course):
131 & 132) Stockton Tunnel
14) Powell & Bush
15) Market & 6th
16) 16th & Valencia/Mission
17) Howard & Fremont
18) Embarcadero & Washington
19) Embarcadero & Broadway
20) Parking Lot of Your Choice
a. Civic Center (McAllister betw. Polk/Larkin)
b. Sutter/Stockton (entries on Bush and Stockton)
c. 5th/Mission (entries on Mission and on Minna)

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by Natalie Clifford Barney
Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 6:43 AM
What are we going to do 2013?
by Labor Creates All Wealth
Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 8:18 AM
This article may be informative to those who were too young to remember it all and it certainly serves as a good historical record, but for the rest of us who not only remember 10 years ago but also 20-50 years ago and more and all the wars and mass protests of those years, this all begs the question: When is the workingclass in this country, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year, going to organize for a general strike to put an end to the profit motive, the cause of all these wars, as the greatest profits are in oil and munitions and maximization of profit is the primary goal of the bankrupt social order called capitalism? It sounds good to say some 50,000 people did something 10 years ago, but this is a city of 856,000 people, a Bay Area of 7 million people, a state of 38 million people and a country of 310 million people. A good start would be the demand for amnesty for undocumented immigrants who can prove they have been here at least a year. To achieve that goal, there must a a labor general strike on May 1 and on September 1, the latter being the height of the fall harvest and that can be done in 2013, and every year thereafter until amnesty is won. It will not take more than 1 or 2 of such general strikes, as we had on May Day 2006 to achieve amnesty for undocumented immigrants. When the workingclass in this country is ready to carry out general strikes, we will stop wars, capitalism, the XL pipeline, and all the other horrors of the bankrupt social order in which we live and establish socialism, a planned, non-profit society where everyone's needs are met as equitably as possible.
by dc 5......
Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 11:56 AM
well mortar accident left 7 dead. good way to 'celebrate' the aniversary. nevada accident you heard about. hass celebrating anniversarys has become the new thing. no end to poisoning, just democracy now ! interviews. democracy now! , 'the warren peace report''! not the warren comision ,hopefully.
by Zachary RunningWolf
(runningwolf.zachary [at] Wednesday Mar 20th, 2013 9:29 PM
A (Oil) war that could have been stopped with a Boycott of Car Driving or the use of Oil and now we have one the 4th annual 9-11 Stop Driving (org) Global Warming. For 4 (four directions) days starting on September 11th the Indigenous community led by the Tree people are asking people to get out of their cars for four days in defense of Mother Earth. We are now acidifying our Oceans with our insane use of the automobile. If only during the Vietnam War we could have boycott the War machine by boycotting what KKKorporate AmeriKKKlan was after and now we do. We also need to not to blame an entity (Petroleum Companies) that we never intend to stop giving our money to like hypocrites we are, filling our gas tanks every week.