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Truth and Justice: SWN's New Video to Stop the Delta Tunnels
by Bruce Tokars
Tuesday Mar 19th, 2013 5:32 AM
We are pleased to introduce a new video from Salmon Water Now.

Truth and Justice: Stop the Delta Tunnels! (4:20) simplifies the reasons why building massive tunnels to move the Sacramento river away from the Delta is a bad idea.

The video points out a few key facts, left out of the BDCP documents recently released, that tunnel proponents would prefer not be mentioned. And finally, the video encourages viewers to learn more about the tunnels and become a super hero in support of a healthy and sustainable Delta (all that will make sense when you watch the video).
Truth and Justice: Stop the Delta Tunnels! (4:20 Minutes)


Up in the sky...

Faster than a speeding bullet...
More powerful than a locomotive...
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

Yes, it's that guy.

And now he's got the Delta Tunnels in his view. The State and Federal governments are releasing the details of the Bay Delta Conservation Program (BDCP) project also known as the Delta Tunnels. We'll leave it to others to go through the specifics of this first draft of environmental impacts of the proposal. We've elected, instead, to bring viewers a fresh look at the implications of the project, including who gets the benefits and who gets the shaft.

Truth and Justice is the line that is used to describe Superman. So we've borrowed from the Superman legacy some imagery that slipped into the public domain - Superman cartoons done during the time of World War II. It's another way to tell the current story of the Delta Tunnels boondoggle.

Anyone concerned about the tunnel projects real environmental and fiscal impacts on California needs to get involved. It's the only way to help stop the march to build the tunnels.

Be a "Superman" (or woman) and help others understand the truth about the project. Knowledge, together with truth and justice will help shut down the tunnel idea.

Watch Truth and Justice.