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UFCW/Safeway Collusion Strikes Again To Impede Union Elections
by R_Evolution
Friday Mar 15th, 2013 11:09 AM
For those following the on going saga within UFCW Local 5 and you thought it couldn’t get any worse -Think again!

While Local 5 members wait for the SECOND Mail Ballot Deadline for Local 5's "Ordered" Do-Over Officer's Election scheduled for 12:00 Noon on Friday, March 22, 2013, it "appears" that Ron Lind, his Regime and the UFCW I.U. "may" be running scared?
Rank n File members in the East Bay & South Bay (Tri-Valley area) have been out in stores relentlessly campaigning to bring a voice of the working class back into UFCW Local 5. The rank n file workers are sick and tired of Lind’s corporate partnerships with the big grocery chains here in Northern California and are rising up fighting for change!

Could it be "possible" this rank n file revolution of angry grocery workers and the DOL's Investigation continuing until April 19, 2013 alarmed UFCW's Bureaucrats to the point where they've had to reach out to their "Corporate Partners", Safeway, in an "attempt" to intimidate Roger Rivera's slate from campaigning within Safeway Stores throughout Local 5's jurisdiction????? We think so!

Check out this Inter-Office Communication dated March 6, 2013 from Carl Ramnitz, Safeway's Director of Labor Relations that he sent to all his Safeway Store Managers within Local 5's jurisdiction.

Can you say Déjà vu? Wouldn't be the first time the UFCW reached out to their partners at Safeway to "impede" union officer elections.

Please support this rank n file revolution to bring the grocery workers "voice" back to UFCW Local 5. You can do so by contacting Local 5's current president Ron Lind and voicing your concerns with Lind's cowardly & corrupt handling of Local 5's union officer elections. Tell president Lind "no one likes a corporate kiss ass" and he should pull his nose from Safeway's butt and conduct an honest, transparent & open officer election!

You can contact President Lind to voice your concerns @
(408) 772-6609
rlind [at]

Thank you for your solidarity & support!