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Al Jazeera Broadcasting Chavez Funeral Live Now from Venezuela; Where is KPFA?
by Keeping track
Friday Mar 8th, 2013 8:28 AM
With live interviews, analysis and twitter, Al Jazeera English online is carrying the funeral of Hugo Chavez from Venezuela now. See http://www.aljazeera.com/watch_now/ Will KPFA, 94.1FM at least have excerpts or will they again read from the AP wire on tonight's 6 p.m. news? This is a major news story from an oil rich country that defied US imperialism and improved the lives of the workingclass.
With live interviews, analysis and twitter, Al Jazeera English online is carrying the funeral of Hugo Chavez from Venezuela now. See http://www.aljazeera.com/watch_now/ Will KPFA, 94.1FM at least have excerpts or will they again read from the AP wire on tonight's 6 p.m. news? This is a major news story from an oil rich country that defied US imperialism and improved the lives of the workingclass.

Gustavo Dudamel, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Venezuelan native, is returning for the funeral as he was a product of the Chavez program, El Sistema, to provide free music education to the workingclass. See
More may be found at

We never hear about Gustavo Dudamel on KPFA or any other classical musician. Van Cliburn just died on Feb 27, 2013, and his impact on improving Soviet-American relations was tremendous when he won the Tchaikovsky piano competition in 1958. We had lots of visiting Soviet musicians and dancers to the US after 1958. See

KPFA is now done screaming at us for money for a few months and hopefully everyone gave something; how about lots of coverage on Venezuela? How about telling the audience who Van Cliburn was and who Gustavo Dudamel is?
by Keeping track
Sunday Mar 10th, 2013 6:20 PM
The weekday KPFA news is filled with AP wire, the latest president's worthless speeches, fill-in stories of horror stories from the poor countries of the world whose primary problem is poverty, caused by US imperialism, and could easily be cut to a half hour, so that we would have 5 hour slots for long overdue new programs. On the day of the funeral, Free Speech Radio News, which fills in much of KPFA's evening news, had a story on the Chavez funeral that included: (1) Surprise on the part of the FSRN story teller that a political leader's funeral was a political demonstration, which should not be a surprise to anyone, (2) Jesse Jackson's drivel, the same Jesse Jackson that William Pepper connects to the set up for the assassination of Martin Luther King in his book, Act of State, (3) No excerpts of the Cuban delegates comments and other Latin American leader's comments, and (4) No comments from the workingclass of Venezuela. Just think, if FSRN is gone, we will have 5 half hour slots to fill from 3:30 to 4 p.m., 5 days a week, with lots of desperately needed new programming.

The KPFA Sunday 3/10/13 weekend news topped all this with a long story just before 6:10 p.m., glorfiying the CIA's Dalai Lama and their campaign to attack China with demanding independence of oil rich Tibet from China, which has been part of China for over 700 years and will remain so forever. They concentrated on the 400 or so CIA agents demonstrating in San Francisco and picketing the Chinese consulate, and bragged that Berkeley has been supporting this CIA attack on China for 18 years, raising the CIA's Tibetan flag this morning. San Francisco is home to the oldest and one of the largest Chinese communities in the United States, a community that is now about 50% of San Francisco's population, all of whom are insulted by this CIA campaign, as is any thinking person, but apparently, not the KPFA news department. The good news is that the City of San Francisco has 856,000 people, and the 9 counties of the Bay Area has about 7 million people, so this CIA celebration did not attract many people in and around San Francisco. It is, however, horrifying that KPFA promotes a CIA agenda against China and demonstrates that the KPFA news department needs to have drastic changes, the sooner, the better. Here is more on the Dalai Lama and Tibet:

Oil in Tibet: "The Tibet Card" by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, 3/27/08 at
(Oil, gold, uranium and copper in Tibet)
Alexander’s Gas and Oil Connections, 11/11/04, “Qiangtang Basin in Tibet estimated to Hold Oil and Gas Reserves

Dalai Lama and the Nazis:
Nazi Bruno Beger:
Nazi Heinrich Harrer:

The Making of Modern Tibet by A. Tom Grunfeld (1996) ISBN 1-56324-714-3.

When the Serfs Stood Up in Tibet by Anna Louise Strong (1959, 2008)

Statement Opposing Anti-China Campaign, 4/8/08

"China, Tibet and US sponsored counterrevolution" of 4/1/08, at

Truth about demonstrations in Tibet:

“Behind the Anti-China Olympics Campaign” by Gary Wilson, 3/27/08:

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Tibet, the ‘Great Game” and the CIA” by Richard Bennett, 3/25/08, at:

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"The Dalai Lama, Slick Denials and the CIA” by Loren Coleman from Popular Alienation: A Steamshovel Press Reader at

Tibet—Its Ownership and Human Rights Situation, Table of Contents, at:

Ownership of Tibet (For over 700 years, Tibet is part of China; Dalai Lama Lhamo Toinzhub,)

Feudal Serfdom in Old Tibet:

The Dalai Clique’s Separatist Activities and the Central Government Policy:

Origins of So-Called “Tibetan Independence:”

Economic Development and Improvement of Living Standards:

Development of Education and Culture:

People’s Health and Demographic Growth: (Lifespan was 36 years in old Tibet):
which states, among other things:
"On the question of the size of the Tibetan population, the Dalai clique has spread many rumors. The most sensational was that more than 1.2 million people were killed after the peaceful liberation of Tibet. In 1953, the Tibetan local government under the Dalai Lama reported the population stood at 1 million people. If 1.2 million inhabitants had been massacred, it would have been a case of genocide and certainly the population in Tibet could not have increased to the present 2 million."

Special State Aid for Tibet’s Development:
by Strategy
Monday Mar 11th, 2013 9:03 PM
KPFA needs money to support the station's professional staff. The solution (on the advice of GoalBusters, consultants hired by KPFA) is to appeal to wealthy donors. So there's a danger that too much coverage of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, and other controversial topics might offend wealthy donors. It's better to focus on less controversial subjects, such as Tibet. It's the wise and prudent way to go.