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Ghetto Prophet arrested after speaking out at Justice For Alan Blueford event
by Free Ghetto Prophet!
Thursday Mar 7th, 2013 4:29 PM
PLEASE SPREAD WIDELY: Today, Comrade Ghetto Prophet (GP), Co-Chair of the ONYX Organizing Committee was arrested at his home by the California Highway Patrol. The pigs claim he is in violation of his parole. The problem with that is, GP has been OFF OF PAROLE SINCE AUGUST OF 2012. And at no point since August has the state called him, sent him mail or shown up at his door to let him know he failed to report (WHICH ACCORDING TO THE PAROLE OFFICE IS MANDATORY AND COMMON PRACTICE BEFORE AN ARREST WARRANT CAN BE SERVED)
We believe this is a political attack. On Tuesday, GP participated in the JAB Coalition rally at the Alameda County Courthouse. He had at least two verbal altercations with the pigs and gave a fiery speech condemning them. Couple that with the fact that it is public knowledge that ONYX is launching strategic and sustainable campaign against police brutality. Door knocking was to commence the first Saturday in April. This information is all over the internet and we are one of three hosts for the town hall on the OUSD PD scandal tomorrow night at Uptown Studios where we will announce the campaign. We were also part of the coalition that released the transcript and subsequent analysis about the OUSD PD scandal.

What better time to hit an organization than when they are organized and initiating the on-the-ground work of engaging the people in the struggle against the police repression.

In addition to the campaign against police brutality - our literacy program launches on April 3rd and we are well engaged in our healthy images campaign and of course continue feeding the people.

When the state feels threatened, it strikes. Given his penchant for leadership and his past record, Comrade GP would be viewed as and important (and easy) member of our organization to attack.

We assume the state believes that we will now have to drop our work for the people and deal with this organizational crisis. They have severely underestimated us, our comrades and our coalitions. We will continue our work while SIMULTANEOUSLY fighting to liberate our comrade from the state.
§Liberate GP
by donate now! Friday Mar 15th, 2013 3:37 PM
We are raising funds to support the wife and three children of ONYX Co-Chair Ghetto Prophet who is being unjustly imprisoned at Santa Rita jail as retaliation for his participation in a Justice for Alan Blueford rally at Alameda County Courthouse on March 5, 2013. GP is the sole provider for his family.