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Anti-Gentrification Attack Against KONO
by Not White
Friday Mar 1st, 2013 12:39 PM
Gentrifying property management office attacked the night before First Friday.
The racist drive for capital and its methods of "development" have erased, exploited, and colonized our neighborhoods since the birth of the modern city. After taking the best land for themselves, the rich stuff us into ghettos and barrios where they criminalize our survival and suffocate us of any resources. Gentrification is a process whereby the rich ressurect the dead property values our neighborhoods to make money, by encouraging better off white people to move in, taking our homes, and funneling our bodies into the prison industrial complex. The Koreatown Northgate project, or KONO, is one appendage to the monster that is gentrification attempting to connect Downtown Oakland with the Temescal shopping district.

Last night, less than 24 hours before First Friday, a property management office that promotes gentrification along the KONO corridor was attacked by breaking the windows, setting off a fire extinguisher and shooting paint into the office. Forcing the office to close during its main monthly event, the gentrifying force that is First Fridays, was done to show these rich bastards that Oakland will not be gentrified without a fight.