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Seattle 3 thrown into solitary with no explanation for 6 weeks
Sunday Feb 24th, 2013 2:34 PM
Matthew Duran, Katherine Olejnik and Maddy Pfeiffer have defied a grand jury in Seattle that they claim is on a political fishing expedition. On December 27, the day after Pffeiffer was incarcerated, all three were sent to solitary confinement.
We have a letter from one of the 3 grand jury resisters in Seattle. They've been in solitary confinement for the past 6 weeks with no explanation from prison officials. The day after Maddy Pfeiffer was incarcerated, all 3 were sent to solitary confinement. The minimal contact they've had with the outside world since then is described in the letter from Katherine Olejnik.Not even their lawyers know why they are in solitary confinement, but Duran and Olejnik have a hearing scheduled for March 1st on a motion for their release.

Friday, March 1, 2013
700 Stewart St., Seattle, WA
13th Floor

More details soon. Meanwhile, links are provided in the letter.

Hey Everybody,

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your incredible support, your kindness, and your strength! Ya’ll are the best.

So, today is my six week anniversary of being in the SHU. Yesterday was my first day with a pen (or pencil, or quill, or marker, or…) in a little over a week. (What? What?) That’s write (like my pun?). I haven’t had access to a writing utensil in over two weeks…Let me explain.

Ok, so in general population, you can order pens on commissary (if you have the funds to do so), and there are pencils provided by the institution (they run out…often), BUT in the SHU have to use special writing utensils, provided by the institution and they run out…ALL THE FUCKING TIME (I think this time they were out of SHU pens for 3 or 4 weeks. Luckily I got one right before they ran out, and it held out for a bit). So as I sit here with a pen in my hand :) I got to thinking about what I wanted to write to y’all about and I guess this is what’s on my mind… So, in the SHU, you get one phone call a month (which I know I rambled on for a bit in my last public letter, but this will tie back to to the pen thing…I promise. :) Well, it should be noted that some people’s phone privileges get taken away completely so that they get zero phone calls a month. Or, because they can no longer make the minimum amount of money that they made at their prison job before life in the SHU,(you can’t work in SHU) then those folks have zero access to phone calls too. Phone time costs!! Any way, what I’, trying to get at is in the SHU the phone is not a consistent form of communication, so letters become even more essential than ever. They are our lifelines to our families and our family’s lifeline back to us. They are how we handle our responsibilities, and how we stay connected. When we are not allowed our writing utensils, (whether it be an oversight, budgetary, or intentional form of punishment, the result is the same and the implications are pretty similar. It is either more important that people are hurt, without communication, or that communication doesn’t matter). Our communication with the outside world; with our families and communities, drops to basically ZERO, which hurts and which hurts our loved ones.


I don’t know…I don’t mean to continue to harp on that point, but almost everything here (at least in my head it seems) goes back to that. It’s why (again, in my head) a simple thing as a pen running out of ink has such larger consequences…and speaking of those consequences that are associated with this issue, there are more. (I hope y’all don’t mind if I ramble on a bit more) :)

It limits our creativity, our self-expression, and our academic pursuits. If we always have to worry about; “When is my pen gonna run out?” “I need to save my ink to write letters.”, or simply; “Shit, my pen ran out…wonder when I will get another.” (All three are regular musings in my brain), then the time our pens spend creating; drawings, verses, and prose; it becomes limited. Even if the primary use of your pen is academic and/or creative, when that pen runs out, one can become lost.

This was just something that I wanted to share with y’all. I know that before this experience, even in general population, I had never thought of pens when considering prisoner’s rights, now the two will be forever linked.

SO, the SHU is meant to punish, and it does…it totally DOES, but honestly y’all, I feel stronger than ever. After being in the SHU for six weeks, (five by myself, with a bunkie for weeks 3-4.) I now feel like there is nothing in the world that I can’t accomplish or do now. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, and I know that they will never, no matter how hard they try, be able to take that; my smile, no one can take that away from me, and that knowledge makes me strong.

The knowledge that there are women in my unit (at least back when I was there), but women, who smile everyday, who laugh everyday, and who resist everyday by not allowing this place, this institution, to have complete control over their emotions makes me strong. Y’all make me strong! Your support, your kind words, your passion, our funny drawings of animal friends—knowing you’re out there, makes me strong, and with every letter I read, I grow stronger.

The amazing work that people are doing in support roles makes me strong. What I am doing would not be possible without the hard work of those awesome folks (this includes my lawyer, she is the raddest). The love of my families, both the one I was born into, and the beautiful ones that my friends and I have created makes me strong. The fact that every single one of those people have not let a second of this experience go by without making me feel their incredible love, that makes me strong.

Well, before I close this, I want to say I do have a pen now, but that is not a constant state. The ink issue, along with postage is going to make letter response time even longer, plus its taking longer for my mail to get through; both in and out. Please know how much I appreciate you all, and that the long response time is not due to a lack of gratitude, I cherish every single one of your letters. I truly hope everyone is doing well.

Keep smiling, keep struggling,
In solidarity and gratitude,
With Love,


For more information – Grand Jury Refusers: Attorneys ask the court to let them go


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by Vote Socialist or Green
Sunday Feb 24th, 2013 8:29 PM
Three young people were dragged before a federal grand jury in a federal attempt to attack a May Day demonstration before it took place and are now admittedly being tortured to cooperate with the Gestapo. Was this your "lesser evil" when you voted Democrat for President in 2008 and 2012? Was this your "viable" choice for president?

This is the same Democrats' Justice Department that refused to drop Bush's false charges against attorney Lynne Stewart, causing her to be sent to federal prison for no reason other than political hatred of workingclass attorneys, where she now has Stage 4 cancer. See

This is the same Democrats' Justice Department that has refused to free Native American activist who did not commit any crime, Leonard Peltier, and Democrat Obama had a chance to do so at the beginning of his first term in office. See

This is the same Democrats' Justice Department that has not filed a civil rights lawsuit to free Mumia Abu-Jamal. For more on Mumia, see

This is not new with the Democrats. Democrat Harry Truman framed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell in 1950 on false and phony charges of conspiracy to commit atomic espionage to make, as Julius Rosenberg stated, Jew, Communist and traitor synonymous so as to justify the anti-communist war in Korea. The Rosenbergs were murdered by the federal government on June 19, 1953 and Morton Sobell spent 19 years in prison. This was the same Democrat Truman to dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to warn the Soviets, the American WW2 ally that was about to attack Japan, that the 20th century would be the American century.

Are you finally done voting for the Democrat-Republicans? Have you learned that voting for evil guarantees evil deeds? Have you learned that evil people are not viable? Are you finally going to vote socialist, which in California is Peace & Freedom, or Green? See
Monday Feb 25th, 2013 1:38 AM
Solitary confinement is considered torture by international standards - note the recent Amnesty International report on Pelican Island in California. I don't kow how this compares to SeaTAC.

Leah Plante was released in October, she was the first to resist this grand jury, so there are actually 4, 3 currently in solitary since Dec. 27.

there was also this -

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