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Amanda Lollar commits animal cruelty at Bat World Sanctuary

by Say NO to animal cruelty
Amanda Lollar is a "wildlife rehabilitator" who treats bats in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is not a veterinarian yet she illegally performs surgery. She illegally possesses and uses controlled substances such as Isoflurane. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Veterinary Board. They stated, "she committed animal cruelty and should be reported to the police."

Photo of Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary

This article is being published because Google's search engine deleted a previous version from their results by temporary court order. The final court order does not include this article yet Google has not returned it to the search engine results. The court ruled the information in the article was not defamation. This new link will be included in the search engine results so the public may know of the illegal and improper activity of Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Below are some photos of some of her illegal activity.


Amanda Lollar removing the molars from a conscious bat with no pain relief.


Dead baby bat


Dead mom bat


Another dead baby bat


Dying skinny bat


Dead bats


Using Isoflurane illegally and improperly


Amanda Lollar performing surgery when she is not a vet

Videos and photos of Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary performing illegal surgery on conscious bats. The bats can be seen kicking and trying to bite her. In one video she performs an episiotomy on a bat. Lollar accidentally pulls and cuts too much and the bat passes out in shock, see video below. WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!

Amanda Lollar purchases, possesses, and administers rabies vaccinations to bats. Only veterinarians may possess and administer rabies vaccinations to animals because they can cause an animal to die if not administered properly. Lollar does not report rabid bats to the Texas Health Department. Instead, she euthanizes them illegally with controlled substances, then dumps their bodies into the regular trash. Her illegal acts were reported to the Texas Health Department. They stated that "her acts are criminal and should be reported to the police."

In Amanda Lollar's original manual she recommended freezing bats to death. The American Veterinary Medical Association has stated that freezing animals to death is animal cruelty. In deposition for a lawsuit it was revealed that Amanda Lollar did not go past the ninth grade in school. She admitted in court testimony that she has never taken a class in animal care instead learning everything through "trial and error."

True bat experts have called out Amanda Lollar's inappropriate practices in regard to mending bones and anesthesia. Lollar recommended gluing bones together instead of pinning them which is standard protocol. Because Lollar has no education she did not realize that blood cannot pass through the glue. The limb would die due to lack of circulation.

Lollar recommends soaking a cotton ball in isoflurane, putting that in a cup and putting it over the bat's head for anesthesia or euthanasia. Bat experts use a nebulizer to give the proper amounts of gas and oxygen. Because Lollar does not administer the gas legally or properly bats frequently wake up during surgery or stop breathing. Lollar admits that some bats have died from her improper anesthesia method. Lollar uses this same gas to euthanize animals. Instead of giving it properly, she gives too much gas at once which causes the bats to die from asphyxiation which is inhumane and illegal.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department was contacted about Amanda Lollar's illegal activity as they control her wildlife rehabilitation permit. They stated, "wildlife rehabilitators cannot perform surgery, and they cannot have controlled substances." Recently TPWD stated they want to limit the number of bats she has because she has too many. Currently Amanda Lollar has approximately 350 bats in cramped quarters. She has more bats per square and cubic feet than she recommends in her own manual. She has a large flying fox that cannot fly because it does not have enough room.

The USDA was also contacted because Lollar has a USDA exhibitor permit to exhibit her bats. Lollar violated the Animal Welfare Act by "not providing proper veterinary care." Texas Parks & Recreation and the USDA investigated Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Her USDA permit was cancelled March 2012.


In another video, Amanda Lollar can be seen using forceps to pull out the teeth of a conscious bat. The bat is clearly kicking and trying to bite Lollar. After Lollar yanks two of his teeth out the bat can be seen bleeding. Lollar uses this video as an example of "proper" dental surgery in her website.

A visitor to the sanctuary in 2010 found a one-winged dead bat under Amanda Lollar's desk. It had been dead for at least two days as insects were eating it. It appeared to have died from lack of food and water. When Lollar was shown the dead bat she said the bat "was one of my favorite bats." She obviously cannot care for the bats she has if her favorite bat could go missing for days and not be noticed.

The visitor also noted that Lollar has seven dogs even though she has no kennel permit. They are all debarked. Some of the dogs have medical and dental issues, as well as very long nails. They are never walked. One of the dogs cannot use its rear legs, so she's forced to drag herself around. Lollar's outdoor cats also need veterinary care as they appear to have fleas, worms, and dental issues.

A licensed veterinarian saw the videos and stated, "This is a nightmare! No one but a veterinarian should perform surgery. Report her to the state veterinary board. She should go to jail." A viewer of the episiotomy video stated, "That is horrific! They should arrest her immediately. She pulled out her vagina! She should never be allowed around animals ever again because she has a complete disregard for their feelings of pain."

It should be noted that Lollar used photos from this bat's botched episiotomy in her website and book to show "proper episiotomy procedures." What she claims happened in her book is not what happened in real life as evidenced by the video.

Video of a skinny, shaking pallid bat at Bat World Sanctuary

Video of dying bat

Video of Amanda Lollar holding a presumably rabid bat in her hand without gloves. Afterwards she illegally euthanized it with Isoflurane pictured in the background then she dumped it in the regular trash

Video of rabid bat in her hand

Video of Amanda Lollar illegally performing surgery on bats without anesthesia.

Video of surgery

Amanda Lollar states in her website that all donations go to the bats. No one takes a salary. That is not correct. She has paid employees that she pays under the table which is a tax violation. Amanda Lollar takes $1,500 a month as "rent" from the Sanctuary. Lollar also had the Sanctuary buy her a car for personal use. Lollar has also spent thousands of dollars on websites to harass people who reported her for animal cruelty. She went so far as to hire someone to assault someone in California who reported her for violations. A police report was filed. Because Amanda Lollar ordered this activity from Texas, an FBI report will be filed.

Last year Amanda Lollar entered a Chase competition to get money to build a "Bat Castle." She received the money and built a new cement block building far from town. Even though she illegally trapped and transported the bats to the new building, they immediately flew back to Mineral Wells. Because Lollar is not a bat expert, she did not know how to build a proper structure for the bats. She also did not realize that they would prefer to live in vacant buildings in town near food sources instead of far outside of town.

Amanda Lollar is currently being sued for personal injury and defamation. A new suit will soon be filed for harassment in California. For more information on Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary go here This site includes the results of freedom of information act requests and subpoenas. Government agencies and the public have been reporting her for numerous violations for the last 20 years. Just last year Amanda Lollar wrote a letter to the City stating she will leave town because she can't stand all the complaints. A copy of that letter is in that website.

Board members of Bat World Sanctuary are Amanda Lollar, Dottie Hyatt, Denise Tomlinson, Michelle McCaulley, Leslie Sturges and Kate Rugroden. They have the power to vote Amanda Lollar off the board but have not yet done so.

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by roack stomper
Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates uses sites like Indybay to target and victimize professionals on the internet, using a technique called Google Bombing: &

Mary Cummins is accusing a well-known sanctuary of not having proper permits because they cancelled a permit they did not need. Bat World Sanctuary, however, is an accredited sanctuary of high-caliber, something Cummins could never accomplish:

Mary Cummins let her USDA permit lapse while still giving programs, and then only got a new one "for the hell of it" ( Cummins also LOST her nonprofit status in CA yet you are STILL TAKING DONATIONS: Cummins was also reprimand by CA Fish and Game:

Mary Cummins has been involved in almost 30 lawsuits:
Mary Cummins lost a defamation trail and was ordered to pay 6.1 Million in damages to Amanda Lollar:
Marty Cummins lost her federal suit against Amanda Lollar:
Mary Cummins lost a new motion Against Amanda Lollar:
Mary Cummins allegedly lost all her money trying to beat Amanda Lollar:

Is Mary Cummins ever going to stop? Perhaps not until she destroys herself completely.
by M. Scummins
Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates uses sites like Indybay to target and victimize professionals on the internet, using a technique called Google Bombing: &

Mary Cummins is accusing a well-known sanctuary of not having proper permits because they cancelled a permit they did not need. Bat World Sanctuary, however, is an accredited sanctuary of high-caliber, something Cummins could never accomplish:

Mary Cummins let her USDA permit lapse while still giving programs, and then only got a new one "for the hell of it" ( Cummins also LOST her nonprofit status in CA yet you are STILL TAKING DONATIONS: Cummins was also reprimand by CA Fish and Game:

Mary Cummins has been involved in almost 30 lawsuits:
Mary Cummins lost a defamation trail and was ordered to pay 6.1 Million in damages to Amanda Lollar:
Marty Cummins lost her federal suit against Amanda Lollar:
Mary Cummins lost a new motion Against Amanda Lollar:
Mary Cummins allegedly lost all her money trying to beat Amanda Lollar:

Is Mary Cummins ever going to stop? Perhaps not until she destroys herself completely.
by Oak Morgan
Well, unfortunately Mary Cummins does not know the difference between OXYGEN and Isoflurane. Look closely at the picture because it is clearly oxygen that is being given to the recovering bat. Plus if it were Isoflurane that were being administered, the Drop Cone Method of administering Isoflurane is used by world-renowned veterinarians to this day. Another note: Isoflurane is legal in the state of Texas which is where I believe Amanda Lollar, with her international reputation for excellence, is located. Tsk-tsk that one of my favs, Indybay, allows her to publish this nonsense but on the other hand, maybe it is a good thing because it gets the right people all riled up. Yes, leave it there Indybay.
by a
Talk about a stupid criminal. Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary hired a guy to pretend to serve Cummins with documents. The process server then hit Cummins with the documents. Now the police have even more evidence besides eye witness testimony because Lollar posted a still from the video. There were no documents that needed to be served upon Cummins. The attorney filed a notice of inability to serve. The person she hired was trespassing. The documents were void. They needed to be served within 60 days. Amanda Lollar now admits to committing crimes against Cummins. What an idiot. It's a Federal crime to order someone else to assault someone across state lines.
by Desmodus rotundus
A toddler was bitten on the cheek by a rabid bat directly next to Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas. The "wild sanctuary" building located at 115 N.E. 1st St. holds a maternity colony of Mexican Free-tail bats. The child was bitten by a baby Mexican free-tail bat.

The mother of the child Megan Stone made a complaint against Bat World Sanctuary with the City. The bat most likely came from their sanctuary. Amanda Lollar who operates Bat World Sanctuary instantly hired Fort Worth, Texas lawyer Donald Feare. Feare sent a threatening letter to the City Manager Lance Howerton. Feare warned that if they don't find the complaint "groundless," there would be a "protracted legal battle" and "negative publicity" for the City. Even though City records show the City Manager agreed to order Lollar to "get the bats out of town," the City backed down.

Palo Pinto County released a rabies warning for the county after the incident. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department told residents to exclude bats from their buildings. Bat experts at Texas A & M and Bat Conservation International told the City that they should force Bat World to exclude the bats at the "wild sanctuary." Bat World Sanctuary did not exclude bats from their "wild sanctuary" building. Excluding bats entails blocking off their entrances into the building.

Between June 20 and October 16 of 1993, 23 dead and dying bats were collected from roosts in four adjacent buildings in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas by Amanda Lollar. 17 of the 23 bats tested positive for rabies. That is 72% of the dead and dying bats. These dead rabid bats were the subject of a journal article on rabies. Texas is noted as the bat rabies capitol of the US. From 1995 to 2009 six people died of rabies in Texas. They were all the bat strain of rabies. One in four people who died of rabies in the US in 2009 was in Texas.

Over the years there have been many complaints about the "wild sanctuary" building belonging to Bat World Sanctuary. It is a vacant building with no current occupancy permit because it is not up to code. The complaints range from building in disrepair, property is unsightly, building contains mounds of guano to the main complaint which is the smell.

30,000 bats have been roosting in this building for over 50 years. Their urine has soaked into the wood beams and walls destroying the building. The smell from the building fills the entire downtown area in the summer according to the health inspector. In a June 24, 2009 letter to Texas Parks and Wildlife Donna Robbins the City Health Inspector stated "the odor is so strong, that if you just walk by the building briefly, your clothing will smell like bat excrement, urine."

Donna Robbins thoroughly investigated the problems with the bats and contacted bat experts, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Center for Disease Control, Bat Conservation International and health department officials. They all stated that Lollar must exclude bats from the building and clean up the guano.

Word made its way to Lollar who responded with a letter to the City dated June 26, 2009. Lollar stated she already "removed approximately 6,000 lbs of guano." She said that she realizes that there is a "potential for bat/human contact." She will be moving the bats out of the building and into a soon to be built artificial cave outside of town. She stated that would be finished within two years which would be June 2011.

October 18, 2010 City Health Inspector Donna Robbins asked Lollar in email how the bat exclusion was going. Lollar replied that she planned to seal the building in December. Then she stated that her bats have "something white on their ears and various body parts." She stated "WNS has made it to Texas a year earlier than researchers expected." She continued, "it appears to be the beginning of the end."

The sanctuary only holds Mexican free-tail bats. Mexican free-tail bats do not get WNS because they do not hibernate in cold caves where the fungus thrives. They migrate to warmer climates. Lollar knows this but tried to play the sympathy card with the health inspector. From Bat Conservation International

Meanwhile Lollar is trying to raise money for day to day expenses. Instead of trying to raise money for a never-to-be-built artificial cave she now wants money for a never-to-be-built "assurance colony." June 2011 she stated that "Bat World Sanctuary can save bats (from WNS) through the development of captive assurance colonies. We are the only facility to successfully maintain a reproductive colony of insectivorous bats for two decades."

Lollar is merely a wildlife rehabilitator, not a scientist or researcher. Lollar does not even have a high school diploma let alone a college degree. She freely admits that she's never had any animal training whatsoever and learned everything through "trial and error" and the "school of life."

Her wildlife rehabilitation permit does not allow her to keep healthy bats or breed bats. Assurance colonies are made up of healthy bats that can breed and live unassisted. She was warned in May 2010 by Texas Parks and Wildlife that she cannot allow her bats to breed.

June 2011 and there are again 30,000 bats in the "wild sanctuary." Lollar never closed off the building as she promised the City. She is now asking for donations to care for the many babies and injured bats that she's picking up from the "wild sanctuary." Meanwhile complaints about the foul odor and guano on the streets continue to pour into the City. It is clear that she never intends to exclude bats from the building.

About rabies: Not all bats have rabies. The best way not to get rabies from a bat is to never touch a bat with your bare hands. If you see an ill, injured or orphaned bat, contact a wildlife rehabilitator or animal control. If you must pick it up, always wear gloves.
by The Truth Will Set You Free
(see original article) Within the last few weeks Amanda Lollar admitted that two wardens from Texas Parks & Wildlife, a USDA inspector, animal control, Fish & Wildlife, a representative from the Health Department and the City Manager for Mineral Wells, Texas paid unexpected visits at Bat World Sanctuary. Lollar is currently being investigated by the USDA and Parks and Wildlife for animal cruelty and other related violations.

Videos and photos surfaced over the past two weeks showing Amanda Lollar performing surgery on bats. Lollar is not a licensed veterinarian. In one such video Lollar tries to perform an episiotomy on a bat with no pain relief. After cutting the bat three times she begins to pull the baby out. After mistaking the baby's head for a foot, she accidentally pulled the umbilicus out. Then she accidentally pulled the bat's vagina and uterus out. The bat can be seen convulsing right before passing out. She later died along with her baby. Lollar used photos from this episiotomy in her book to show a "proper episiotomy." She does not mention what really happened to the bat and pup.

In another video Lollar can be seen pulling out the teeth of a bat again with no pain relief. The bat tries to bite Lollar and fights her. She continues to pull out his molars while he bleeds. Lollar again uses this video to proudly show "proper dental extraction" in her book.

Because of the backlash against Lollar caused by the gruesome videos and photos, Lollar has tried to quiet the person who took the original videos by getting a temporary injunction to temporarily remove them from the internet. In court documents Lollar claims she owns the proprietary way in which she did the episiotomy and dental extraction. She claims the videos and photos show copyrighted materials.

Similar photos and videos are in her book which is available free online. It should be noted her book is a "how to" book showing people how to care for bats. Lollar does not seem to grasp the fair use act of copyright. If she does not want people to share or use her techniques, perhaps she should not write a "how to" book. Techniques can never be copyrighted, only the exact words used to express them.

Lollar also claimed she did not give permission to the person who took the videos and photos. Extensive emails, documents, video footage and independent eyewitness testimony show otherwise.

In a court hearing in Fort Worth, Texas on May 4, 2011 Lollar claimed she was an "internationally renown bat expert." Upon cross-examination Lollar was questioned about her education and experience. Lollar was asked if she had a PhD, Masters Degree, College Degree or even just a high school diploma. She proudly replied "nope!" When asked where she received her many years of formal training and education she proudly stated she had no training and learned everything through "trial and error."

Lollar was asked if she was a "scientist." She replied "yes." She was asked if she ever had a peer review journal article published as a sole author. She replied "no." On the stand Lollar stated that she had the "largest bat sanctuary in the world" with 200-300 bats. When asked about the Samal Monfort Bat Sanctuary which holds the Guiness World Record for largest bat sanctuary with 1.8M to 2.5M bats, she changed her story. She stated she had the "largest enclosed bat sanctuary for unreleasable bats."

While on the stand Lollar admitted to possessing and using Isoflurane. She obviously didn't realize that it is a controlled substance which can only be possessed and used by a doctor. Lollar uses Isoflurane to sedate bats for surgery and to euthanize them by overdosing them.

In Lollar's book she states "the author routinely vaccinates bats taken in from the wild that will be added to captive study colonies." She not only suggests the dosage but even posted video of herself giving rabies vaccinations to bats. On the stand she stated it was just water. She stated she has no rabies vaccinations and never gives rabies vaccinations. Videos, photos and eyewitness accounts prove otherwise.

This is not the first time Lollar has had people state that her methods were illegal acts of animal cruelty or not sound. In an earlier manual Lollar instructed people just to glue broken bones together. She obviously does not understand basic biology or anatomy. One writer stated "Lollar (1994) gave detailed instructions on gluing wing fractures, but failed to explain how to maintain blood flow across the fracture-line through the glue. She also did not report the number of successful treatments achieved."

In the same manual Lollar recommended using WD-40 to remove tar and oil from bats, "Roofing tar and oil may be removed with WD-40® (Lollar, 1994)." One writer stated "WD-40®, however, is extremely toxic, so every effort must be made to wash it off a bat's fur, presumably with soap and water (Lollar failed to say)."

Lollar also recommended a cruel method to euthanize bats. "Lollar (1994) advocate putting bats in a refrigerator until torpid and then transferring them to a freezer. Stebbings (pers. comm. to Routh, 1991) states that this method is inhumane; a view shared by the American Veterinary Medical Association. As the bat's body temperature approaches freezing, the animal awakes from torpor in an attempt to find a warmer environment (Davis and Reite, 1967; Hock, 1960; Mumford, 1958)."

It's very possible Amanda Lollar could lose her wildlife rehabilitation and USDA permits because of these recent complaints. They are not the first. Freedom of Information Act requests will be sent to receive the result of the investigations. The results will be reported here. The results of her ongoing legal action to quiet the whistle blower will also be posted here.
Amanda Lollar sent an email to the City June 2011 saying she's sick of all of the complaints about her. Instead of taking care of the problems such as the smell, cleaning up the guano, she's leaving town. Her own words "I can no longer run a world class organization with the constant distractions of having to defend our work protecting the environment and the bats. The burden has just become too overwhelming." Link to her email to the City stating she's leaving because she's fed up with all the complaints about her. Also included is email between her neighbor who's been complaining about her for many years to the City Manager talking about her building being gutted. She sold the building January 2012 which is why she's begging for money to build a new building. She has no wild sanctuary building. Texas Parks & Wildlife stated that because they've received so many complaints about her having too many bats, they will be limiting the number of bats that she has. Perhaps that is the reason why she no longer allows visitors. She doesn't want people to see what she is doing and report her again?

Included is an email between her neighbor that has complained for years and the City Manager. The neighbor states the new owner gutted the building and put Amanda Lollar's belongings on the street. Lollar later admitted this did happen then someone reported the trash to police.

Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary does not have a GED and did not go to high school. Amanda Lollar dropped out in elementary school. I have Amanda Lollar's social security number and date of birth. I searched Texas GED records online, on the phone and via the mail just to be sure. Amanda Lollar does not have a GED! She said she got her GED at the age of 15. You have to be 18 to take the test. There is something very wrong with Amanda Lollar to not get a GED.

amanda_lollar_bat_world_sanctuary.jpg Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary doesn't have a PhD, Masters, College degree or high school diploma. She not not attend high school at all. She did not get her GED.

You have to be 18 to take the GED test. Amanda Lollar states she took it and passed at age 15.Search Texas GED website

Amanda Lollar is so mentally ill that she signed herself up on as attending Mineral Wells High School. She didn't even graduate from elementary school. She never attended high school.


Here Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary states November 8, 2011 she graduated from tenth grade. From the written deposition.

Page 9 lines 18- 25

Q. Do you have a Ph.D.? 

A. No.

Q. Do you have a master's degree? 

A. No. 

Q. Do you have a college degree? 

A. No.

Q. Do you have a high school diploma? 

A. No.

Page 10 of her deposition lines 3-9

Q. Do you have a GED? 

A. Yes. 

Q. What is the last year of schooling that you actually finished? 

A. Tenth grade.

Q. Why didn't you finish 11th and 12th? 

A. Because I wanted to go onto other things. 

Q. Such as?

A. Such as, just life.

Below is a link to the video of that deposition and the actual video.

Link to YouTube video of Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary committing perjury

That is not true. Below is from her April 2012 deposition. She states she only graduated from the ninth grade. Notice my memory is perfect. Her's is not. She intentionally lies under oath. That is perjury which is a crime with jail time up to ten years.

From her California deposition taken April 6, 2012 page 47 lines 5 - 25.

 Q Do you have a Ph.D.? 

A No. 

Q Do you have a Master's degree?

  A No. 

Q Do you have a college degree? 

A No.

Q Do you have a high school education? 

A I received my GED at 15. 

Q. What is the last grade of school that you finished?

A. Ninth. 

Q. (Pause as I sit there in disbelief) Do you remember in your November 8th deposition that you stated the last grade you finished was the tenth?

A. I said the last grade I "attended" was the tenth.

Q. I believe it was "finished" but i'll look at the…

A As I stated I have a GED which is a general equivalency diploma which is the same thing as a high school diploma. I received it when I was 15.

Q Why didn't you complete high school? 

A I had family issues and other things that I 

Page 48 lines 1 - 12.

needed to deal with. 

Q What issues did you have? 

A That's private information. 

Q Do you remember in your November 8th, 2011 deposition that you stated you just wanted to get on with life?

A Yes, I do. That involves the family issues as well.

Q Do you have a veterinary license? 

A No. 

Q Do you have a vet tech license? 

A No.

More recently she admitted she did not go past the 8th grade! She has now perjured herself repeatedly under oath. Here she lies and says she has a GED which she got at the age of 15. Amanda Lollar does not teach veterinarians biologists or college-educated animal care professionals how to medically treat and care for bats. In her manual she told people to freeze bats to death which is illegal inhumane animal cruelty.


Below are copies of parts of the actual depositions. Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary lies under oath. Amanda Lollar has committed a crime. Amanda Lollar has committed perjury.





Amanda Lollar, Amanda, Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary, Bat, World, Sanctuary, Bat World, Mineral Wells, Texas, lawsuit, complaint, animal cruelty,, website, official, Mary Cummins, Mary, Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal, Advocates, Dorothy Hyatt, Kate Rugroden, Larry Crittenden, John Hyatt, Martin Rugroden, animal abuse, animal neglect, USDA, permit, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Animal Welfare Act, violations, revoked, reprimand, restraining order, TRO, crazy, mentally ill, 5150, uneducated. I reported Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary for animal cruelty, animal abuse, animal neglect, violations of the Animal Welfare Act, violations of the Texas Health Department, violations of the Texas Veterinary Board. She was investigated. Violations were found. A USDA veterinarian stated that she caused "bats pain, suffering and death." She lost her USDA permit. Amanda Lollar was reprimanded by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Amanda Lollar admits she has not gone past the eighth grade. She is not a veterinarian, has never taken a class in animal care. She operates on conscious bats without pain relief. I believe she is seriously mentally ill.

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