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Video: Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship bearing down on Sea Shepherd Sam Simon
by Takver - Australia Indymedia
Wednesday Feb 20th, 2013 4:43 AM
The Japanese whalers are very desperate this year, and have only been able to catch and slaughter a very few whales due to the ongoing presence of Sea Shepherd Australia ships. The whalers continue to flout international laws and the Antarctic Treaty regarding refuelling below 60 degrees South.
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In attempting to refuel amoung Antarctic ice flows where an oil spill would be impossible
to clean up demonstrates the utter disregard the whaling fleet have for
the Antarctic marine environment, let alone their own safety.

The Captain of the Nisshin Maru has chosen to act recklessly in ramming 3 Sea Shepherd
vessels putting the crews of these vessels at risk, as well as ramming and damaging
life boats on the Sun Laurel tanker. In icy waters.

Sea Shepherd had previously detected an oil leak or spill from the tanker in these fragile waters.

This video shows the Nisshin Maru bearing down on the Sam Simon, while beyond you can see
(from left to right) the SS Bob Barker, the supply vessel Sun Laurel, a rigid inflatable boat
and the SS Steve Irwin.

Note: Video was made by The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) who is the global copyright holder.
Permission for use by media organisations is authorised as long as attribution to the ICR is made.