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JR Valrey's 02.06.2013 Morning Mix: Wilson Riles, Leroy Moore, Cynthia McKinney, and KPFA
by KPFA Listener
Friday Feb 8th, 2013 7:26 PM
On 02.06.2013, KPFA Morning Mix host JR Valrey spoke to Wilson Riles about the new Oakland currency, to Leroy Moore about Krip Hop Nation, and to Cynthia McKinney about a report that the FBI had arrested Malcolm X's grandson en route to Iran. Between roughly the 23 and 35 minute mark, Valrey also aired some of his complaints about the working environment at KPFA. This section was later deleted from the KPFA archives, but here it is for those particularly concerned with KPFA. Whatever they may think of what Valrey said, here's the record of the whole show, so they can come to their own conclusions.
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jr-valrey-morning-mix-january-6-2013.mp3 27.4MB

KPFA's Wednesday Morning Mix host JR Valrey.  On 02.06.2013, between
the 23 and 35 minute mark, JR aired some of his complaints about KPFA's
working environment.  Someone later removed that section of the audio
archive from KPFA's website, but it's included in this download,
which was completed before the deletion.