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Berkeley Police Not Honoring Medicinal Marijuana Law
by Oaks4Peace
Tuesday Feb 5th, 2013 3:31 PM
Small portion of a video regarding Berkeley police refusing to recognize medical marijuana patient's rights. Leading officers in this video are Cole and Katz.
"Let me tell you a little thing... the state says it's legal the Feds say it isn't. State law never trumps Federal law."
"He only records what he wants."

A regular occurrence in Berkeley: Berkeley police refusing to recognize patients' rights, refusing to honor medicinal marijuana laws. Berkeley police chief Michael Meehan has a zero tolerance for Prop 215 users, and this issue is currently in debate through the Berkeley police review commission, however the commission is slow to make a statement that would instruct the Berkeley police to honor medicinal users.

The bullying by the Berkeley police is non-stop. Ever since Occupy Berkeley, the police have been off their leash, and there seems to be no local-government body or commission in Berkeley that is willing to restore civil rights.

The current police chief has been unwilling, since his job in Berkeley began, to meet the standards of the local community. Police chief Meehan is dictating, outside of elections and open debate, how everyone must live.

It is not hyperbole to say that there is an unequal distribution of power, in that the police chief holds more say that the city manager's office, or the city council and mayor.