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The SuperBowl of Corruption
by scribd
Sunday Feb 3rd, 2013 7:57 PM
Mind control. Bad news for democracy
I am amazed how lies and phony labels are used on 'political targets' in THIS country. And even worse, the basis of the lies and phony labels are CREATED by these UnAmerikans who claim patriotism and support of our democracy, while they clearly violate basic values of our society or any other civilized society.
They use this 'theatre of propaganda' to manipulate the various hate and extremist groups that are ALLOWED, even encouraged to exist in this country for exactly this purposes: The political targeting of individuals and groups.

If you would have asked me 30 years ago if such things happen here, I wouldn't have believed it. Time and informants have shown that not only are individuals and groups covertly targeted with lies, blacklisting, destruction of their reputation, destruction of their health and happiness, even their freedom of thought BUT as well their families are also targeted. Not to forget that death results from the accidents these UnAmerikans create AND also from the suicides they create in their targeted individuals. Politicide, covert assassination.

30 years ago I didn't realize accidents, suicides, and medical problems were being used as weapons against the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. I didn't realize that the 'crazy mass murderers' we see in the news were created. Even the assassinations of Presidents, rock stars, and whistleblowers created by mind controlled 'puppets'(whose actions are blamed on mental illness, which is also created).

Our government is but a puppet allowing these UnAmerikans to act without fear of reprisal creating inequality,death and disease. I recently saw health statistics that show this society is being subjected to death and disease at rates unexplained compared to similar industrialized societies. Many reading this are being targeted without any knowledge it is happening to them.

Just as drones are controlled by individuals at 'game control instruments' miles from their targets, domestic targets are likewise controlled and targeted in their own homes, even while they sleep from distant locations.

A sick society it has become.