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Report Back from Monsanto Annual Shareholder Meeting
by Occupy Monsanto
Friday Feb 1st, 2013 6:38 PM
Monsanto Company Proxy Item No. 5: Shareowner Proposal
That is the value of shares that voted FOR the shareholder resolution.
($101.35 Share Price X 29,045,311 Shares = $2,943,742,269.85)

Last year there were 20,674,203 shares voted in support of the resolution and this year there were29,045,311 shares voted in support of the resolution- an increase of 8,371,108 shares or 1.9% more than last year. Over 2.9 billion dollars of Monsanto wants the company to change.

Next year there will be at least two shareholder resolutions that will be submitted to Monsanto's shareholders and its likely safe food activists will be occupying the Free Speech Zone again come next January. Hopefully the weather will be better!

We're marching on the FDA on Monday, April 8 because were sick & tired of being ignored by the FDA. They can ignore petitions all they want, but they can't ignore people in the street outside of their offices….

Yesterday in St. Louis, Missouri it was cold, snowy, and an all-around crappy day for outdoor activism. But since the Monsanto Annual Shareholder Meeting wasn't canceled, the outdoor protest had to go on. About 25 people from Washington, DC to Kansas City, Missouri were able to represent the millions of us who were there with them in spirit. And spirited it was.

The best way to stay warm outside in the winter is to dance-- and dance we did! Monsanto provides a "Free Speech Zone" for activists to conduct roadside demonstrations and taxpayer dollars are used to deploy a small fleet of active duty police officers to be stationed outside of our roped-off share of Monsanto's property. We brought our own genetic crime scene tape and rebranded it a "GMO-Free Zone," and at one point, while the snow was coming down heavy, one of the police officers came over and asked us when we were going to be done because his team was cold and wanted to go home.

Inside the Annual Shareholder Meeting, the CEO of Monsanto was told to his face "the grassroots are Roundup resistant!" In Adam Eidinger's prepared remarks to Monsanto shareholders and the Board of Directors, he called on the company to become more transparent with consumers, scientists, shareholders, and farmers. While we'd prefer Monsanto becomes so transparent that it disappears, Eidinger was able to warn shareholders that the company's dastardly ways will not be tolerated for much longer. Unlike last year, he did not sneak a camera inside of the meeting, so we don't know exactly what transpired during the meeting, but shortly afterwards Eidinger recorded an interview with Russia Today: