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Excuse to attack Syria exposed by amateur hacker
Friday Feb 1st, 2013 2:48 PM
leaked emails indicate an offer to supply Syria with chemical weapons to provide an excuse to attack them

The quantity of documents suggests this is not a spoof

The source of this trove is pastebin:

I'm JAsIrX and I will share with you some documents downloaded after hacking Britam Defence server.
Its website is located on the Malaysian server. I found bugs in the website with same ip and uploaded web-shell through this site.
Then I hacked plesk parallels control panel and gained access to Britam Defence mail accounts and website directory.
Leaked documents:
-       Contracts copies with signatures
-       Private email correspondence
-       Personnel data, etc.
Britam Defence is British private military company, operates mainly in the Middle East. It killed Arabs in Iraq and plans to invade in Iran and Syria.
Look through leaked documents carefully. CW means chemical weapon, g-shell is short for a gas shell I guess.
Help to distribute this info and let other people know about the threats.
Thank all
This is what I found:

According to an Iranian source, who combed through the leaked documents: "An email exchange between two senior officials at Britam suggested that the scheme was approved by Washington, explaining that Qatar would fund the militants in Syria to use chemical weapons." 

How the site was hacked indicates the company had used bargain-basement hosting. Their domain shared the same numerical address as many other domains. A young hacker simply saw this as a target of opportunity, and exploited an obvious weakness.

It's hard to find good people when dirty deeds need to be done, thus we have the culture of fear cultivated by our leaders in Washington to prevent us from viewing and discussing the obvious truths.

INDYRADIO brings the ruckus to Facebook: