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FTP2.0--Fuck The Police!

Friday, March 01, 2013
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Event Type:
Party/Street Party
Location Details:
1 OGP Plaza
Oakland, CA

Hello people of the world. It is time that people come and march as a bloc. Let's keep it fun and cool , we have a set of rules to keep every safe so we can all march in peace.


Take our pigs for a walk. They need the exercise. And it only costs the city $50K a week!

*** This event is being called by the Occupy Oakland Tactical Action Committee. It might continue weekly.

The Tactical Action Committee was approved by Occupy Oakland's GA to perform autonomous actions at their discretion. In that sense it is not an "official" Occupy Oakland event, in the sense that it was not directly, but indirectly, approved through the GA.***

IMPORTANT NOTE: NV folks are welcome, this is a peaceful protest -- whatever that means.

FTP March, Iteration 2.0 March,1, 2013 - Tactical Parameters

Due to the fact that most of our internal issues on each march and action to date have come from a lack of information on what the tactical parameters of a particular action are expected to be, TAC will be calling for tactical parameters on this and all future FTP marches that may change as we learn and practice our skills in the streets.

Note that these are the wishes by the callers of the march. In the interests of solidarity please respect these parameters. These are being called for this march only. This goes both ways -- please be respectful enough of the event to not pursue certain actions at this time if they are being put on the "please don't" list; likewise, if you are uncomfortable with someone performing an action that is acceptable within the march parameters DO NOT INTERFERE with them. This is respect for diversity of tactics, and also proper solidarity in the face of our common enemy. There will come a day that this practice, discipline and restraint will serve us well as a unit.

If you cannot follow the parameters DO NOT ATTEND. They will be read before the march during the rally. People will be given the opportunity to back out if they feel they cannot respect the tactics, with no loss of face.

So, for this march, TAC is asking for the following:

SHIELDS: If you have the capability and the will to march in the front line, make a shield to carry for this Saturday's action.

NO DAMAGE TO PRIVATE PROPERTY of any kind -- people's cars, any Oakland businesses (especially small businesses - but the Starbucks that was hit last time actually gives free coffee and food to our vigil so we prefer to leave all of them out at this time).

PROPERTY THAT IS FAIR GAME IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED - police vehicles and equipment. The police are not our friends, never have been, and never will be.

NO FRONTAL ASSAULTS ON THE POLICE - i.e., no bottle throwing. Defensive actions are fully accepted and encouraged. Shields, unarresting, disarming cops that are beating comrades, etc. MAKE THE POLICE STRIKE THE FIRST BLOW.

SPLIT-OFF MARCHES AND AUTONOMOUS ACTIONS ARE NOT DISCOURAGED. If you do decide to go your own route, please respect the above parameters. Large banks, huge international corporations that run this city with their money, political organization HQ such as the Democrat campaign office or the chamber of commerce are not considered private property for the purposes of the parameters. If you decide to split off, do your autonomous actions away from the main march, not right next to it.

We are not encouraging anyone to attack any property whatsoever, but some property is more acceptable than others if you really must risk your freedom by doing something of that nature.

FIRE CAN BE FUN - if you want to burn a usa flag in the street (that isn't somebody's car) then more power to you. If someone is burning a flag in the street then DO NOT INTERFERE.

BLOC UP: If you hear the shout, "Bloc up!" Or "Tighten up!" It is in your best interest to clump together with the main group in tight formation. Be aware of distance and do not string out along the march route. Do not give the police an opportunity to snatch you and plant evidence on you to conflate charges with.

And to repeat:

NO INTERFERING IN OTHER PEOPLE'S ACTIONS EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY AGREE WITH THEM. Do not yell stop. Do not grab your comrades. If you feel unsafe, move away. The parameters listed above are for our own use so that we can hold one another accountable afterwards for things that may not have gone according to plan. But in the face of the enemy WE SHOW FULL SOLIDARITY. Afterwards we can argue about stuff. Not during the action.

We are all adults. We are all comrades. We have a common enemy and we will have to learn to work as a unit. Following the action parameters on each FTP march should mitigate the fighting and problems we have consistently had after every action to date.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The Oakland Police Department has harassed and brutalized Occupy Oakland and participants in the vigil. Camps and liberated foreclosed buildings have been raided and shut down. OOers at the vigil have been arrested for as little as standing nearby when the police decide to raid, all the way up to the ridiculous charge of lynching. People have been physically assaulted by those supposed to protect and serve, but only do so in the interests of the 1%.

With dozens of our comrades having been arrested in the past couple of weeks, and culminating in the city's revocation of the vigil's permit and the immediate threat of another police raid to clear the plaza, the time has come to rise up and let them know what we think of them and that we will no longer meekly accept their violations of our civil and human rights.

Spread the word, send the invite, join us as we march in solidarity against police repression.

Wear black
Bring shields if you are able and willing

Rally at 7:00 pm
March on OPD HQ at 9:00 pm


We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
We never forgive,
We never forget,
Opd we are 3 months
late but still
you should have
Expected us.
Added to the calendar on Fri, Feb 1, 2013 10:47AM

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by -A-
by Zachary RunningWolf (runningwolf.zachary [at]
It is good to see Fuck the Police back and I will be there with the medicine (sage) keeping the youngins safe. After the Alan Blufford assassination by the Bastard kkkop from NYC after shooting himself in the foot to make it look like a shootout and the DA as an accomplice in the crime. The Oakland City council (which I no longer recognize as a governing body, Dec 21st, 2012) approves wasting 250,000 dollars for another Bastard installing the "Stop and Frisk" a blatant attack on people of Color (black, brown and RED). If you cannot get up for this you are in the words of Immortal Technique a "Lethargic Devil" or in RunningWolf's terms a "Candy Ass". Footnote I'm glad we chased Quan out of Muwekma (Peoples) Park, Berkeley still got some political life.
by No more corporate state


They say the "OCCUPY CRACKDOWN" had to do with "sanitation issues" when that's a flat out lie. It had to do w/ restoring "BUSINESS AS USUAL" so crooked politicians and their business pals could walk the streets without having to hear people complain everyday about how abusive this political and financial system is to everybody! Now the elite can go to bed at night without fearing the worst because there is no movement left on the street that may evolve into a new revolt. The crackdown on (OWS), Occupy Wall Street was motivated by fear of a coming insurrection and everyday of silence that has been occurring in the street since then is a victory for the elite because we allow our selves to be intimidated by their state security forces rather than battling them like the people of Iceland, Greece and Egypt.

It's not okay to fight back. It's never been okay. Fear the police. -sarcasm

The only ones who ever tried resisting the police in America while rejecting (private property as sacred and human life as expendable) were the anarchists, radicals and black bloc and they don't even make up a big segment of the protest population. Not even 1% of it. That's how weak the resistance was during Occupy and now there is nothing left of it in sight but internet discussions. The movement has been reduced to blogs and books and the people accept it. The Occupy movement could have grown and evolved into something more radical and militant to take power back from the corporations, bankers, prisons and the heavy handed police state but the elite who runs the establishment knows better than to wait and so the call by Homeland Security to preemptively stop any possibility of revolution was made and now everyone is just waiting not knowing what to do next because everyone in America is afraid. This really doesn't sound familiar.

So the media airs a story about petty reasons for shutting down Occupy like "sanitation issues" and blah blah blah and most people do not express their outrage over this. People need to change their reaction or lack of it in order for things to change around here. That also means people have to get serious in order for things to get serious and I mean really heat up. People need to grow a pair. Not just you men out there but you women too. All this political repression by the courts, prisons, police just so rich fucks and politicians can go on about their daily corruption living lavishly off tax payers who sit back and let it all happen as they watch you get your asses handed to you by the police is just sicking. Shouldn't that make you want to get up and organize something deeper than what you are already doing? Something far more radical than what you are already doing? Crackdowns by your government on your movement should be more of a reason to resist than to just walk away with your heads down. YOU KNOW? Cops don't feel any shame, pity or remorse for defending large corrupt institutions. Why respect police or legitimize their authority at all anymore? What in the hell needs to be done to put an end to the system that has turned its back on everyone not in the billionaire millionaire club? When's the steam lid on the kettle ever going to blow? Whens the shit gona hit the fan? The real shit! When is it ever going to happen? It feels like crooked people can get away with what ever they want in this country because the streets will never go up in flames even though that is the only powerful thing left to do once the election system has been hijacked. Our hands are tied. What is the other option because I can't seem to find one? Please? Enlighten me.
by ------
move fast. be organized.
Build your own group and stick with it. Make sure they are people you can trust that you know well. There are no leaders to bring down in this war. Only cells.
by Hold on to your seats
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