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Quan Banned From People's Park, Press Op Moved Across Street
by Autism Liberation Media
Wednesday Jan 30th, 2013 7:14 PM
One year and two days after the mass arrest at the YMCA in Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan attempted to be part of a press conference on poverty issues in People's Park, Berkeley. A volunteer gardener at People's Park, a YMCA arrestee, had just returned to the Park from the Spiral Gardens (having appropriated some starters for the Park). The gardener and Quan met, resulting in a sage infused ban of the Oakland Mayor from People's Park. The press op had to be held across the street from the Park due to the ban against the mayor.
Jan 28th, 2012: Oakland police arrest the gardener of People's Park - a free speech rights and autism rights advocate.
January 30th, 2013: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan banned from People's Park, Berkeley.

Notes regarding ban:

Whereas 1. Autistics have the right to protest, and whereas 2. Autistics have the right to not be afraid of the police, and whereas 3. Autism is not a crime and as such Autistic people have legal protections from unlawful detention, unlawful arrest, and unlawful seizure of property; Mayor Jean Quan was extended the opportunity to make a statement regarding Oakland police arresting an Autistic protester on Jan 28, 2012.

Whereas 1. Jean Quan refused the invitation to speak, other than to lie and say that Occupy Oakland was attempting to take over the YMCA, and whereas 2. it is common knowledge the YMCA opened the door, on their own accord and whereas 3. it is common knowledge a year later, charges had not been filed; it was deemed inappropriate for Jean Quan to participate in a press conference in People's Park.

Whereas 1. the arrestee is a volunteer gardener of People's Park (Berkeley), and whereas 2. the gardener had pulled weeds earlier in the day, and whereas 3. the gardener had just returned with starter plants; it was further deemed inappropriate for Jean Quan to participate in a press conference in People's Park.

Whereas 1. stop and frisk disproportionately targets Autistic individuals, and whereas 2. Autistic adults are 7 times more likely to be stopped by police by neuro-typical peers, and whereas 3. it is believed that approx 1/100 adults are on the Autism Spectrum, and whereas 4. the unemployment rate of Autistic adults is 90%; it was further deemed inappropriate for Jean Quan, a supporter of stop and frisk, to participate in a press conference in People's Park.

Whereas Oakland Mayor refused an invitation to speak on the issue of Jan 28th and Autism Rights, Jean Quan was banned from People's Park for the day of January 30th, 2013. The press conference was moved across the street out of the Park. After the media event, Quan walked on the city sidewalk to the Mayor's SUV, and did not reenter the Park. This ban ends 6AM Feb 1, 2013, when the Park reopens for the day, but may be reviewed further and extended if circumstances call for an extension. As well, another ban may be instituted by another person with a legitimate grievance against the Mayor.
§Press Op Moved Across Street From People's Park
by Autism Liberation Media Wednesday Jan 30th, 2013 7:14 PM
Due to the ban of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, the press op could not be held in People's Park and had to be moved across the street, as seen here.
§Clarifying Statement: Re other Arrestees from J28
by Autism Liberation Media Wednesday Jan 30th, 2013 7:25 PM
Nobody inside or outside the YMCA should have been kettled and arrested by Oakland PD on J28, 2012. But as the institution of the ban was an individual act of protest, the ban primarily reflects one person's arrest. However the ban is in solidarity with all who were arrested at the YMCA kettle. Others should feel free to institute their own ban against Quan in their own way, or express their grievances in some other way.

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by X
Friday Feb 1st, 2013 6:02 AM
Tweets show that Jean Quan was invited to the Berkeley homeless count in People's Park by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Regional Administrator Ed Cabrera.

Almost all local news agencies were contacted via Twitter from the Regional Admin, specifically writing that Jean Quan was going to be in People's Park: "Mayor Quan, Sup Carson, HUD exec @ Berkeley People's Park. 1/30, 3:30pm. Alameda County homeless count."

Example 1:
@abc7newsBayArea Mayor Quan, Sup Carson, HUD Exec@ Berkeley People's Park. 1/30, 3:30pm. Alameda Cty homeless count.

Example 2:
@KCBSNews Mayor Quan, Sup Carson, HUD official @ Berkeley People's Park. 1/30, 3:30pm. Alameda Cty homeless count.

Example 3:
@dailycal Mayor Quan, Sup Carson, HUD Dir, Jesse Arreguin @ People's Park today, 3:30pm. Alameda Cty homeless count.
During the serving of Food not Bombs at Peoples (Muwekma-Ohlone) Park here comes Jean Quan strolling into a Park that was fought and people died for in a 45 year struggle which still continues. Some may say this is what inspires the recent movement of Occupy Wall Street as Mrs. Quan was a key Homeland insecurity asset in shutting down Oakland Occupation and violating the Constitution in the right to Freedom of Assembly. She has recently brought in William Bratten into a troubled Police department to instill projects like Stop and Frisk which is implemented in NYC with massive problems. Hats off to Nate who first recognized this gross violation of our (The community's Park not the City's and especially not the University of Kaboomkeley) Park and re-acted appropriately and disrupting the press conference which did not get any press coverage (kkkowards). I followed suite by reminding people about the Stop and Frisk and how 2 Oakland police officers have been shot in a week and this will only increase with an application of Stop and Frisk aimed at people of Color. I love how the School shootings of children and faculty are perpetrated by almost always by White males but the Gun control is aimed at us people of Color. We never want to address the obvious problems to do with White males shooting children. Oh after pointing these things out a Berkeley Police officer rode by and threatened me with something later (arrest?). I told him to get out of the Park as police are not needed, wanted or allowed in the Park, F--KING Hall Moniters