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Bratton NEUTRALIZED: Media coverage reflects the changing conversation about Bratton
by Stop the Injunctions Coalition
Thursday Jan 24th, 2013 2:47 PM
Our large anti-Bratton mobilizations to City Hall have dramatically shifted the conversation around the Bratton and Wasserman contract in Oakland.
Our large anti-Bratton mobilizations to City Hall have dramatically shifted the conversation around the Bratton and Wasserman contract in Oakland. The broad slew of media coverage below show a changing conversation where politicians have distanced themselves from Bratton’s notorious zero-tolerance policing policies and are now even going to lengths to hide him from the public. While the contract was approved by the City Council, we succeeded in shifting the terms of the debate. Bratton will be coming in much more feeble and under the watch of a strong popular front that stands united against his suppression policing tactics:

“But that plan changed after it became clear that Bratton’s support for aggressive police tactics made him a lightning rod for protesters who filled the council’s chamber two weeks in a row. Instead, Bratton’s consulting duties in Oakland will be limited to behind-the-scenes work surveying crime reduction efforts, setting forth a crime reduction strategy and interviewing city leaders.”

Media Round Up City Council Vote on Bratton 1.22.12!/news/local/Oakland-Hiring-Bill-Bratton-Puts-Police–Mayor-on-Defense/188138341!news/c66t

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by wh@t
Thursday Jan 24th, 2013 7:07 PM
Except they hired him. Meaning we lost.
Maybe this should point to a more effective strategy of disruption as the alternative to dialogue with the City Council.
200 people speak on the topic. 95% opposed to his hiring. The city still hires him.
No more dialogue with the politicians. Disrupt their proceedings to prevent their system from working.
by Class Struggle
Thursday Jan 24th, 2013 9:44 PM
Actions speak louder than words. The Democratic Party stalwarts on the Oakland City Council voted to give $250,000 to the racist stop and frisk fascist thug Bratton, who only promises to eliminate 10% of crime, and he will not even accomplish that. He will enrich himself at taxpayer expense and make a mockery of the Bill of Rights. The elimination of poverty guarantees a 100% elimination of crime, and that can only be accomplished by eliminating the profit motive, the cause of all our grief at home and abroad. To do that, we need a labor movement capable of carrying out a general strike. If these Democrats, twins of the Republicans, had felt threatened by the Oakland workingclass going on strike for just 1 day, they would not have tossed $250,000 to this fascist. Thousands of people could be fed and housed on that $250,000. The City of Oakland would be better off spending any excess money taking over all empty buildings by right of eminent domain to house the homeless at taxpayer expense, permanently, and if the buildings are not suitable for housing, pay to renovate them so that they are good housing. You can't be neutral on a moving train, and that is certainly true of the Democrats, who like the Republicans, have no interest in eliminating poverty or the profit motive. They are part of the problem. If you want the elimination of poverty, you have to vote Peace & Freedom or Green. This is not a conversation; this is class struggle.
by ntuit
Friday Jan 25th, 2013 7:16 PM
Why do we need Bratton and the expenditure on him when we have big bucks police of chief and of course, Quan's faithful henchwoman Deanna Santana? All Quan needs to do is leave town again, have Deanna Santana order Chief Jordan to "stop and frisk" until Quan comes back from her out of town trip to state that she doesn't believe in "stop & frisk" and had no knowledge this was being done.

It is amazing how with all of our highly paid, elite public leaders they somehow are unable to come up with solutions and are always looking to outside consultants. But, hey, working with these outside consultants builds up their contacts and helps them to build more career opportunities. When they screw up one city they can be assured of being hired at another with a higher pay and more perks. Oh, and hopefully highly paid speaking engagements where they can be on the road travelling when they should be at home doing their job.

The political class is the US is a con game and they love it!