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Food Not Bombs To Serve at the Post Office
Date Saturday January 26
Time 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location Details
On the steps of the Main Post Office in downtown Santa Cruz where Pacific, Front, Mission, etc. intersect.
Event Type Other
Organizer/AuthorRobert Norse
Food Not Bombs serves weekly every Saturday with what I understand is both a political message and a damn good meal.

In recent weeks police have arrived with the apparent intention of pressing the group to move.

Food Not Bombs met last night and will be serving there again this week.

I am not a spokesperson for Food Not Bombs, but an interested member of the community.

Those interested in joining Food not Bombs, helping to cook or serve should check their Facebook webpage: Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs.

Food Not Bombs encourages supporters to come to their meals.

I think it's particularly important at this crucial juncture. It would likely be helpful also to bring cameras, video and audio recorders, and friends.

Food Not Bombs needs folks to cook and serve as well as publicize the meal.

To read more about the recent behavior of the police and postmaster around the weekly Food Not Bombs meal go to .
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Do you think it will inspire an analysis on their part? Or will it just be too much hassle to be worth the bother of ever showing up at an FNB feed again? Just sayin'. You're trying to do two things at once. Like whistling while your pissing. One ends up pissing all over their own shoes.

BTW, just because the police show up to do an eyeball of the situation does NOT mean they're going to do ANYTHING AT ALL, and they haven't, and I suspect without DIRECT INSTRUCTION FROM THE LOCAL POSTMASTER, they won't.

You COULD exacerbate the situation with your big mouth, but IF I DISCERN that YOU were the cause of the disturbance or disruption while I was eating I'll make a point of puking on YOUR shoes.