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On Anniversary Of MLK Day-Defend SF UESF MLK Worker Tobias Caine-Stop The Bullying/Racism
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Friday Jan 18th, 2013 7:35 AM
A press conference was held at the offices of San Francico Unified School District SFUSD offices to protest the retaliation against UESF MLK school staff member Tobias Caine after a bullying incident by the principal Natalie Eberhard and cover-up by the school district Superintendent Richard Carranza and Jeannie Pon who is the associate superintendent for San Francisco Middle Schools.
Defend SF UESF MLK Worker Tobias Caine-Stop The Bullying And Harassment Of Students & Staff
A press conference was held at the San Francisco Unified School District offices on January 17, 2013 to protest the bullying and retaliation against MLK Middle School staff and students. After a bullying incident in which the principal of MLK Middle School sat on a female student, UESF MLK staff member Tobias Caine was injured in the incident and reported that there had been a falsification of the report by the assistant principal Anthony Braxton. The school district was holding a Skelly hearing in an effort to fire Caine and for his whistleblowing about the incident.
The principal with the support of Associate Superintendent Jeannie Pon and SFUSD Superintendent Richard Carranza has bullied and retaliated against 17 teachers and staff at the school. These staff have been driven from the school in order to break the union and bring in untrained teachers and new staff.
The superintendent also claimed in a SF Chronicle interview that the charges against Eberhard were slander and that a full investigation had been conducted despite the fact that Tobias Caine, UESF teacher Linda Cooks and SEIU 1021 secretary Nancy Saloou had not been interviewed despite having direct knowledge of the incident and the blatant bullying tactics of Eberhard.
Behind the attacks on mostly Black and Latino students in San Francisco is the effort to privatize the schools in bring in charters.
Pon and Eberhard are supporters of the Bechtel run and funded SERP program which pushes more "core standards" testing in the schools.
Pastor Sweetie Williams attended the press conference as well. He had filed a suit for his child in San Francisco schools because of discrimination against poor Black, Latino and Samoan students. As a result of his successful suit the state of California passed the Williams Act which is supposed to protect the students of California but has been violated and ignored by the SFUSD and other school districts who have discriminated against minority students.
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§Pastor Sweetie Williams
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA Friday Jan 18th, 2013 7:35 AM
Pastor Sweetie Williams spoke at the press conference about his suit that lead to the Williams laws that prohibit discrimination in the schools and have been violated by the management of the SFUSD
§Stop Bullying and Retaliation At SF MLK
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA Friday Jan 18th, 2013 7:35 AM
Staff and parents protested the bullying against students and staff at SF MLK and also the retaliation against UESF whistleblower Tobias Caine
§No Bullying By SFUSD Bosses?
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA Friday Jan 18th, 2013 7:35 AM
Despite propaganda put out by the management of the SFUSD school district and Superintendent Richard Carranza a campaign of bullying and harassment is going on by MLK principal Natalie Eberhard and her assistant principal Anthony Braxton who engaged in criminal abuse of a student and a cover-up of the incident blaming the student in falsified documents.
§SF MLK Principal & Bully Natalie Eberhard
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA Friday Jan 18th, 2013 7:35 AM
SF Martin Luther King Middle School Principal Natalie Eberhard has a history of bullying not only at the San Francisco Martin Luther King Middle School but also at A.P. Gianini where there were many cases as well of bullying of staff and students. The union UESF has filed many grievances about this conduct but the Superintendent Richard Carranza has called these charges "slander".