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Japanese Sasago Syndrome as Evidences of Hot Expanding Earth Theory [Warming, Geophysics]
by Zbigniew Charnas (zbychar2 [at]
Tuesday Jan 15th, 2013 8:20 AM
A good few hundreds unfailing bolts were find torn loose in almost one geophysical and technical moment of lithospheric stretching in Japanese tunnel “Sasago” in 2012. It means that long dams in Holland can one near day be toppled in the water!

The end of the world can be realised physically in nearly seven known ways. Eighth scenario for that is almost not known nowadays on the whole globe, but there are many symptoms that its way is the most possible at all. This scenario is supposed to change our world to the dust in XXI century from now. It maybe started on Sunday in 2nd day of December of the 2012 year in Japanese tunnel “Sasago” on the route from Tokyo to Nagoya in Yamanashi Prefecture. Nearly in one while hundreds of support bolts have been there torn loose down from tunnel ceiling. The bolts have been earlier optical checked on its quality by technical service. It is probably for all of us “corpus delicti” and “smoking gun” of unknown yet for official science hypothetical process of anthropogenically accelerated (!) thermonuclear expansion of the Earth (Accelerated Hot Earth Expansion Theory – AHEET). Accelerated – by the human technical civilisation with huge increase of complete hothouse effect (gaseous air & water clouds) in anthropogenic global warming and internal thermal radiation blocking!

This theory combines debatable old scientific Expanding Earth Theory (cosmic enlarging of the planet) with official scientific Plate Tectonics Theory (drift of the planetary continents). The theory (AHEET) postulates real physical existence of the three types of nuclear reactions inside the Earth – decay, fission and mineral thermonuclear fusion. Next it supposes huge emission of inner heat – very much greater than estimated till today. Also it assumes large internal production of oxygen and volcano gases enlarging the Blue Planet from inside – slowly in the past and in sped manner in our times. Cause of that the Earth has in the year 2013 about one kilometre more in its Equator than it had it in the year 1850, but a bit smaller surface gravity in the year 2013 than in the year 1850 makes our satellites wrong informing about this geophysical phenomenon. Earth’s equatorial periphery had about 40,000 km in the year 1850 and it has 40,001 km in the year 2013, but none of scientists knows of it yet now.

In the Accelerated Hot Earth Expansion Theory (AHEET) – which includes Hot Expanding Earth Theory (HEET) – the Earth has three internal spheres. The first one is sticky-liquid inner core – build by iron, nickel and also by uranium processing there in decay and fission. The second one is gaseous plasmatic magnetic outer core – where in temperature of about 20,000 degrees of Kelvin scale (assumption) slowly goes mineral-ironic thermonuclear reactions. The third one is sticky-liquid mineral mantle – rich intruded by post-thermonuclear gases, it means oxygen and volcanic ones (see graph in the article linked below: ‘Expanding Earth’s Internal Dynamic Structure’).

In the Accelerated Hot Earth Expansion Theory (AHEET) there are three constituent integrated geophysical velocities of the Earth’s crust moves. The first one is speed of slow ascent of the surface of the Earth in its natural expansion – stated on millimetres per year at vertical move. The second one is speed of natural drift of continents – counted in centimetres per year at horizontal move. The third one is speed of fast rise of the surface of the Earth in its anthropogenic expansion – estimated on metres per year at vertical move (already about 150 meters per 150 years). This velocity is stimulated from the first one. The third velocity is generated by industrial human activity in XIX, XX and XXI centuries – when it incessantly impacts on planetary atmosphere in the way with big thickening of it!

From the beginning about one billion years ago till today the Earth have got bigger for nearly 1,7 times in its radius, for 3 times in area of its surface and for 5 times in whole planetary volume. In this very long time complete about 10 % of primeval continental area have been disintegrated inside Earth’s mantle during tectonic collisions in continental drift. Continents have been worn out in process of tectonic subduction and in mountain rising process with mountain wind-and-water erosion. I think that it will be catastrophically enough for natural Earth’s expansion maybe in only next 22 millions of years or it is enough for our civilisation with human environmental evil even now in XXI century!

In this moment I mean maybe true history of the planet Mars. Primeval Mars (named by me: Inta-Mars) was little more grand than now our Earth, but that Inta-Mars was hit once upon a time by immense asteroid having strange cosmic origins. Then Inta-Mars got deep planetary decompression and it exploded. In this hypothesis nowadays Mars is burned in oxygen planetary wreck (see: ironic orange colour and two different general altitudes of its dusty surface). Matter of the Red Planet, all moons, near planetoids and small cosmic rocks in the Solar System is matter dispersed during monstrous explosion of Inta-Mars. Also the Earth can someday finally crack – following in space history primeval Mars – like gigantic unduly inflated cosmic balloon. I think it is real geophysical and cosmological scenario!

Reacting hot blazing matter inside the Earth’s globe expands nowadays thermally more than cool dark matter on the Earth’s surface. Lithosphere is now yet stretched with spring manner, but in the future it will crack and go on the rampage with catastrophic gaped fissures. Today there are already many expansion cracks on the old wall and historic buildings (my recognition) in my indigenous city Warsaw, the capital of Poland (European Union), where in the year 2013 prestigious UN Climatic Conference COP 19 will be conducted in November for 192 countries of the world. But science does not search mentioned here dangerous phenomena yet. Scientists have not been sounding it and even thinking about it!


Meanwhile the Earth opens already now in the African Rift Valley. Our planet does it slowly for us day by day but from a few years ago with tempo unknown in all geological history of this volcanic region from the start existed before of last 15 millions years. Scientists watch it, but they are unable to interpret this phenomenon without right theory (→ HEET & AHEET). Diversified sea level changes take place over oceanic tectonic rifts in characteristic way. Its analysis suggests that analogous to African processes evolve in the ocean abyss too. Lava rifts in many zones lift up, also dilate faster asides and probably more and more acidly contaminate nearby deep water (besides pollution of carbon dioxide from atmospheric carbonic excess).

In the “Japan Sasago Syndrome” there works mechanism of “Rock with Slot Stretched Slowly” – which magnify for little tunnel’s opening and derivatively (like in fractals) bolt nests. It means that also some of many mines of the world are in danger of surface and ground water flowing to them as long-time or ultimate underground floods. Next in this non-futuristic global warming and expanding earth scenario is cracking and decomposition of world’s great water dams, like ones in Holland. This problem includes risk for all Dutch dams and dikes, but especially for two long Dutch enclosing dams. Special scientific role of they in process of the Earth’s sped expansion is named “Dutch dam marker” (compare: Holland’s dam named Markerwaarddijk) because they probably more and more get leaks in geological dam stretching. Pump transfer of internal water out to the sea is already now expensive too much, so in that way there are no new great polders in the Netherlands from many decades in fast development of this European country.

Great world’s modern (but not up-to-date) science looks even for quasars on the confines of the macrocosm – where we do not live and we never will live – but in the home of everyone of us which comes quickly to pieces science gets idleness and ignorance. It seems that establishment and scientist have forgotten that in the base of the state just the society finances natural and technological searching. They have forgotten that all of us live on the planet where mankind has got realisation in old and nowadays history a lot of excesses of terrible bloody wars and such revolutions with horrendous genocide purges, and it has this mortal doing in its genes! They have forgotten that there are already nearly eight billions of people on the one small planet and there is no way on this piece of the universe to safely unplug rapidly everything or even anything!

Scientists and establishment are not alarmed by unusual geophysical “African Infernal Overflow” and they also are not alarmed by fact that in the XX century the Earth stopped slowing of its age-long rotation and from the beginning of seventieth years of this century the planet has started dramatically to accelerate. In this way from the year 2013 we will not add leap-seconds to calendar time – two or one per year through a half of century till today – but now we will subtract it. This acceleration of the Earth is just probably result of changes in its inertial thermal and expansionistic processes. Such effect is also big fast running change of Earth’s planetary magnetic field, observed from 1845 year till today.

Ordinary citizen from suburban village do not understand that only 0.7 degrees centigrade of global warming in the XX century can change gigantic for him planet so far. But in this knowledge one should know and remember that it is only average value of this warming. There are very much higher temperature changes up and down on the scale in many different regions of the Earth (see: my article ‘Cumberland Syndrome – The Greenhouse Trap’). Maximally it is warming of even 10.0 °C in January in central Alaskan valleys and 7.0 °C on summits of the Himalayan Mountains (see: my theory ‘Climatic Buffer Effect’, ‘Global Distribution of Temperature Trends 1967 – 1986’, my graph of Temperature Changes in Seasonal High and Low Air Pressure Centres under link titled here ‘Climatic Elephant of Charnas’ and my article ‘Himalayan Glaciers Death – 2035 or 2350?!’). More and more thicken clouds usually set solar radiation on our globe down and temperature does not increase too much, but for infrared rises coming from inside of the Earth clouds are weak for transmission or non-transparent material.

Many glaciers in the world get warm not only at their thawing iced extreme ridges, but also much at their frozen snowy tops. Glaciers melt not only at sea shore – near the Polar Circles, on Greenland and the Antarctic – but they melt in comparable manner also at the world’s highest mountains, like Himalayas – neat the Equator and the Cancer and Capricorn Tropics. When inner planetary heat comes up to the surface and it can not easy radiate to cosmos, then there get warm also rocky bases of this mountain glaciers and ground bases of the Earth’s continental glaciers in the Arctic and the Antarctic. They more and more often decompose, flow and collapse in ocean. Ground base and deep water warming in global warming is observed in deep lakes under 1,000 meters of depth and in ocean abyss too. This last warming is near comparable to oceanic surface warming (half of average land warming). Warming in so deep zones is evidence for existence of colossal cumulated heat, which needs strongly to escape up from inside of the Earth!

Deepwater ocean warming is fragmentally observed at least until 900 meters of abyssal depth. Somewhere it is as high as surface oceanic warming. In these places there often occur deposits of methane hydrates. They include three times bigger quantity of chemical energy than it is accumulated in nowadays world’s resources of all fossil fuels. Land and ocean stocks of methane hydrates are in danger of trickling out and of gigantic atmospheric eruptions. They can intensively accelerate huge global warming with positive feedback! Right searched and stated global warming on the Earth is very dangerous mechanism. It can increase itself upon realistic physical apocalypse!

In this real end of the world the Blue Planet can not crack and deadly erupt in African Rift Valley as the first place. In catastrophic scenario there is as the first freed of ice southern ridge of Greenland. It must lift up on magma-gaseous pillow. When Greenland platform will be coming up in this process it suddenly will get remote from surface of the globe and in this place the planet will deeply crack. These are the most important realistic scenarios of ultimate planetary decompression and its explosion in our XX century of human history!

Zbigniew CHARNAS
7th – 13th of January, 2013 / Warsaw, Poland


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Thinking of it now I see some possibility to construct and to build inexpensive apparatus for simply and easy demonstration and for proving (after eventual fine thermostated calibration also for measuring as expandometer) of process of nowadays nuclear-volcanic expansion of the Earth on the ground over its rocky base lithosphere.

To make this appliance one will need: many identical steel balls from ball bearing with diameter of choice from about one centimetre to one inch, long rigid plastic or steel pipe with three cords for keeping mentioned balls one by one inside. Long pipe should have for instance ten or less or more meters of length. Next: two anchor pillars on both sides of long pipe, maybe some short pillars for holding of long pipe, one steel stopper ending pipe, one piece of some kind of micro-metric constricting bolt ending pipe on other side. Further little source of regulated electricity with properly selected and right thermostated resistors conjoined as special parallel electrical bridge and (milli?) voltmeter, (milli?) amperemeter on cable segments. Maybe one can use some piezoelectric elements in such installation.

I propose to install expandoscope (expandometer) inside of especially selected or built research farmstead as solidly anchored (important!) on both of sides of its long ball-pipe – keeping its special metal enclosing ends – into early chosen solid ground. For example between two grand buildings, two massive rocks or even on concrete floor of long building foundation – in a way in material science concept working like sluggish jelly. If given house do not slide on some geologically slippery ground it will be crack in long time under influence of strengths of lithosphere expansion.

This special house place should be kept in temperature near room temperature and if it will be laboratory device should be held in permanent thermostat, integrally installed there for long time. If constructor will make electric circuit along this ball-device he will be able to measure little change of intensity of electric current at the same voltage after some months or years of expansion process. There will be watched by this way change of multiplied terraced contact area of steel balls and in the same moment change of resistance in electric circuit.

In primeval time there can be some increase of electric stream because of existence of only semi-spring contact between balls caused by slow crawling of its material. Further electric current intensity should come finally to zero. There are seasonal thermal moves of ground and foundations during whole year. If expandoscope cannot be held exactly constantly in stable temperature then one can use it only in special research manner. Measurement should be realised only in the warmest period of the year in the same internal temperature. There should be observable differences in reading after expansionistic year.

In other possible means, if measurement will be realised from time to time during all the time, there will be higher and higher ball contact temperature (!) existed from year to next year. In the same temperature there should be longer and longer in running research time ball row distance for ending precise micrometric bolt (appliance working as expandometer). This last mentioned method called “for ball contact conditions” is perhaps the most promising one.

If somebody will want one can make the second (doubled) device alongside that the first one for condition comparison during measurement. In that case such second research object should be situated on some bar bed and have its second end as lost free – not anchored in the ground – heaving only micrometric bolt. The bar bed should bask on liquid in long bathtub or stand on row of well trundling wheels.

I would like to suggest that in strictly scientific version of MEBEX (MEBCE) expandometer there could be not steel balls but balls made of special resistance alloy and instead of micrometric bolt scientists could use only special durable steel spring. Then research would be realised only on electric way, of course. Based on presented conception automatic expandoscopes working as deflection sensors (lookouts) could be installed in building foundations to save them in the future against sudden impact of ground cracks caused by expansion of the Earth.

Maybe someone will make effective presented searching way for the Earth’s expansion measurement or discover another one, please. Below I give for one’s well orientation estimated scale of expansion in its approximations. I reflect that we have about one kilometre more to about forty thousands of kilometres on circumference of Equator after expansion of the Earth running in XX and XXI century (40,000 km + 1 km). It means about one inch more for one kilometre and about four centimetres more for one land mile (1.0 km + 0.000025 km /where: 0.000025 km = 2.5 cm = ~ 1 inch/ and 1.609 km /1 mile/ + 0.00004 km /4 cm/). Average increase tempo for every year for one kilometre is 0.25 mm/yr. and for one land mile is 0.4 mm/yr. (of millimetre). For one metre is 0.25 µm/yr. (¼ µm/yr.; of micro-metre) what means 25 cµm/yr. (centi-micro-metres) or in other way 25 cmmm/yr. (centi-milli-milli-metres). It means about a half of one hundredth part of thickness of Bible sheet (its thickness = ~ 50 µm).