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Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors Meeting
Date Tuesday January 15
Time 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location Details
Council Chambers
701 Ocean Street
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorJohn Leopold
Emailjohn.leopold [at]
A note from John Leoppold:

in the unincorporated portion of Santa Cruz County there are no permitted retail gun operations. Recently I learned that a gun store is looking to open in Live Oak. When I asked County staff what regulations are in place for this type of business that would assure safety for our community I found that the County does not have any specific zoning regulations for gun shops. As a result, this coming Tuesday I will be asking the Board of Supervisors to adopt a temporary moratorium on the establishment of any new retail operations for the sale of firearms and ammunition to allow time for the County to study and recommend reasonable regulations associated with this type of business. With national attention focused on the issue of gun violence and regulations, it is timely that our county also thoughtfully establish sound policies. I am attaching my request to the Board. The item will be heard at 10:15 a.m. on Tuesday, January 15, in the Board Chambers, 701 Ocean Street, 5th Floor. I invite you to please come and tell Board members how you feel about the need for effective firearm regulations and the establishment of this moratorium. If you know people who cannot attend in person, please have them visit the Board’s webpage ( and look at item 43 and then click on the envelope to share their thoughts with the entire Board of Supervisors.
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by NRA Member
Saturday Jan 12th, 2013 3:38 PM
There is no need for the moratorium on establishing new firearm retailers in Santa Cruz County, because:

1) Firearm retailers pose no significant threat to public safety. The City of Sunnyvale recently conducted a study on the impacts of firearm vendors on the surrounding areas and found there is no determinable negative impact;

2) Rather than negatively impacting the community, firearm retailers generate significant revenue and provide good paying jobs, which the County could use in this period of economic hardship. Scaring away good businesses from the County based on irrational fear is not what is best for residents;

3) Firearm vendors are the purveyors of Second Amendment rights. This means that while they are subject to legitimate zoning laws just like any other business, they are entitled to constitutional protections, and cannot be singled out for mistreatment. The County should take this into account when deciding how to zone and treat firearm retailers;

4) The County is inviting litigation by treating firearm retailers unfairly. Alameda County spent over 12 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs battling a lawsuit that sought to ban firearm sales;

5) Firearm vendors are heavily regulated under federal and state law, more so than most any other type of business and are renowned for their compliance with the law and law enforcement.
by live oak local
Monday Jan 14th, 2013 3:46 PM
Dear NRA member,

1) The Sunnyvale study not withstanding, gun shops do in fact get broken into often enough, so much so that some cities require extra security for locking them up at night. Furthermore, you seldom see a gun shop in a high income area - know why? Because gun shops tend to be associated low property value areas and are on par with cheap motels, liquor stores, and marijuana dispensaries.

2) Providing "good paying jobs" for a few does not triumph public safety for the many - Using the latest economic downturn in order to take advantage of the population and push for any kind of store to be allowed into an area is about as politically low as you can get.

3) Advocates who extoll the 2nd amendment as the epitome of freedom are misguided at best, and ideologically driven at worst. Statics show that death by firearms in this country is set to overtake death by auto accidents in the next 10 years - know why? Because driving a car, a vehicle which has much lethal potential, has more safety regulations than owning a gun, which has the sole purpose of being lethal.

4) Inviting litigation from 2nd amendment enthusiasts is a poor reason to not look into proper zoning laws for our area. Just because Alameda lost in court, doesn't mean they weren't morally correct in challenging an overly broad interpretation of the 2nd amendment, which was written when "firearm" was the equivalent of a musket.

5) Firearm dealers are not nearly as regulated as we think they are. The reason for this is due to the extreme litigiousness of the NRA, and their belief that ANY attempt to limit the accessibility of military style assault weapons for the civilian population is a step towards fascism. That level of paranoia leads to the dark side of mental health issues and self isolation, and I think we've already seen way too many times what happens when mentally disturbed individuals are allowed easy access to guns.