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19th Century Wars Of The British Empire
by Peace Now
Friday Dec 28th, 2012 2:34 PM
a litany of atrocity
19th Century Wars Of The British Empire

Were there 90 wars in which the British Empire was involved in invading other countries

in the 19th Century?

Whether the Wikipedia article calls the British Empire

1. the United Kingdom

2. the British empire

3. the British East India Company


4. India (which was occupied for 150 years by the British)

one wonders which was the most bellicose nation in the world?

In numbers of conflict... the UK?

in casualties... the US? Now the British government is involved for the third time in the invasion of AFghanistan.

Between 1799 and 1815 the British Empire was constantly involved in fighting Napoleon in at least 7 different campaigns.
1801 to 1805 British empire fights the Kingdom of Koya
1802 to 1805 The Second Anglo Maratha War… the British East India Company fights the Maratha Confederacy
1803 to 1805 British empire fights Kingdom of Kandy
1803: British empire fights several European nations in what is called Emmet’s Insurrecton
1806-7 British invasions of the Rio de la Plata
1806-7 British fight the Ashanti Fante War
1806-11 Vellore “Mutiny” British E. India Company
1807 to 1812 Anglo Russian War 1807 to 1812
1807 to 1809 Anglo Turkish War
1808 to 1810 Rum Rebellion against New S. Wales
1810 to 1817 Conquest of Madagascar
1810 to 1820 Punjab War British E. India Co. (which operated like a rogue intelligence agency)
1811 Invasion of Java British E India Co.
1811 Fourth Xhosa War
1811 Ga-Fante War
1812 War of 1812 between Britain and US
1814 to 1816 Gurka War British E. India Co.
1815 Second Barbary War
1815 Second Kandyan War
1817 to 1818 Third Anglo Maratha War British E India Co.
1817 Pernambucan Revole British empire
1821 to 1832 Greek War of Independence
1823 to 1831 First Anglo Ashanti War
1823 to 1826 First Anglo Burmese War
1828 to 1834 the Liberal Wars as the British fought King Pedro IV
1832 Black Hawk War
1833 to 1840 First Carlist War

1834 to 1836 Sixth Zhosa War
1837 to 1838 Lower Canada Rebellion (Those in power describe revolutions as riots, rebellions, uprisings, mutinies, mob action etc.)
1839 to 1842 Afghanistan…. This was cited as British E India Co. but thousands of British soldiers were killed.. only 1 left alive.
1839 to 1842 First Opioum War Britain v China
1839 to 1851 Civil War in Uruguay. British involved.
1843 Wairau Affray British settlers fight native New Zealanders
1845 to 1846 First Anglo-Sikh War (one of many different wars in British invasion of India)
1845 to 1846 Flagstaff War Once again British fight native New Zealanders
1846 Another campaign of Britain against native New Zealanders
1846 to 1847 Seventh Zhosa War
1846 to 1848 Mexican American War Britain involved against Mexicans
1846 to 1848 Wanganui Campaign 4th campaign against native New Zealanders
1848 to 1849 Second Anglo Sikh War
1850 to 1864 Britain v China war called Taiping Rebellion
1850 to 1853 Eighth Xhosa War
1852 to 1853 Second Anglo Burmese War
1853 to 1874 Britain v China this time called “The Miao Rebellion”
1853 to 1856 Crimean War
1856 to 1857 British war with Nicaragua and the Republic of Sonora
1856 to 1860 Second Opium War in China as the British imperialists distributed opium to the Chinese (and earlier smallpox infected blankets to American Indians, the machine gunning and head clubbing of Asian Indians)in Amritsar and other places)
1856 to 1857 Anglo Persian War
1857 to 1858 Mistakenly called India’s first war of independence or the Rebellion of 1857… the Indians ever since the invasion by Britain had been fighting the invaders in different areas of the country
1858 Coeur D’Alene War
1858 Fraser Canyon War (British troops arrived when war over)
1861 to 1865 American Civil War… Britain despite having abolished slavery in 1832, gave aid to the South
1861 to 1867 Franco Mexican War Britain helped France
1863 to 1864 Bombardment of Shimonoseki in Japan by British


There are many more not yet listed