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First child, not coming home for holidays, due to false allegations
by Paul A. Pabian (paul.e.phorick [at]
Wednesday Dec 19th, 2012 8:48 PM
My spouse gave birth to our daughter Alexandria on Thanksgiving 11/22/2012. This is the story of what our family is going through for Christmas.

Please forgive any spelling or typographical errors, I'm doing all this from my smart phone.

Please feel free to contact us, we need help and support. 714-293-1194 Paul and Katy thanks love and blessings

This story begins in early March 2012. My spouse Katy and I were couch surfing with a friend for the night. Katy has epilepsy and had a seizure at our friend's house, we an ambulance and she was treated At Dominican. While she was sleeping, we I was informed she was pregnant.

My name Is Paul, and technically I found out Katy was pregnant before she did. She agreed to immediately begin receiving prenatal care, and had diligently kept appointments, only missing three due to work schedule. Katy had been effectively controlling her condition with Cannabis, and her OBGYN led Katy to believe that there would be no serious medical or legal complications as a result of Using Cannabis to control her epilepsy condition and becoming a mother.

Katy had seizures when our housing situation was most unstable, before and during pregnancy. We believe stress, shelter being one is the most wrenching especially for a mother, is what causes seizure episodes for her. When we managed to sustain housing and a Cannabis supply she would not have seizures - it was amazing, how for about five months she had no problems, working with me 8-10 hours a day for weeks just to keep housing and no seizures. It seemed she was much more susceptible when we had to stay outside, in a shelter.

She had seizures during her second trimester and was advised to Take Keppra, a pharmaceutical anti seizure drug. She was advised taking this would "be best for her and baby",but she was not informed of any possible side effects to the fetus. Katy did not know That Keppra would cause drug withdraw symptoms in her newborn daughter.

I am in the process of Becoming Katy's caregiver, and she is getting help receiving SSI for her epilepsy with an attorney.

Even though multiple county officials told get that being a mother that needs Cannabis is not grounds to lose get first cold, they were wrong. THC positive drug screens on mother and baby, combined with the drug withdrawals from the epilepsy Drug Keppra (which actually did not stop a seizure episode once), gave the hospital enough to suspect that our daughter had other drugs that were making her withdrawal- they said in court they Think Katy abuses drugs,which caused infant withdrawals. It was actually The Keppra. Three trimesters of prenatal urine screens can verify this.

In court, they tired to Say Katy received no prenatal care, when in reality she only missed three appointments of biweekly prenatal care beginning in the first month.

They are keeping our first child from us over the holidays because of these allegations based on incomplete information.

We are good people and have done everything possible to prove that we are capable parents and we are able to provide for our family. We have lots of baby clothes,car seat and stroller, Katy is still able to be a good mother even though she has epilepsy. It Was Katy herself that gathered most of these items,in court they tired to make her seem like someone who harms her self with hard drugs but this is so far from the truth, she only uses Cannabis and it is to control seizures. We do not even enjoy alcohol, mostly because of it's reputation as a destructive substance.

We're ready to be parents, we just need to convince the court of that. Just the thought that someone else will be celebrating Christmas with their family, while the only member of our family -our newborn daughter- will be with people do not love her as much as we do.

To them, our first child is just a pay check, they get paid to put us through hell for yes holidays over a little weed, when all we want is to have our family together and get on being productive members of society. Cannabis helps us be productive members of society.

Just thinking about all this makes me want to cry.

We just have to forget it's Christmas.
§our little girl
by Paul A. Pabian Wednesday Dec 19th, 2012 8:48 PM
This is the only Person Katy And I want to be with For Christmas: our newborn daughter Alexandria born 11/22/2012 18" 5 lbs. 15 oz.

she's all we want for Christmas. she's all we want in general.
§no holiday visitations
by Paul (Paul.e.Phorick [at] Thursday Dec 20th, 2012 2:15 PM
We are required to go To Watsonville to see her. we leave our place at 8am usually not getting back to town by 2pm because we ride the bus. they're making is do random urine piss tests randomly; families don't operate randomly were need routine. they're using unreasonable and unrealistic pressure on or schedule and or lack of a car against us.