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Gun Control
by wexit
Sunday Dec 16th, 2012 6:01 PM
The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School seem to have unleashed a new call for limitations on who gets to pack a weapon. Missed in this debate so far is a determination of "legitimate" ownership,
and who our cultural cowboys represent.

In particular, what constitutes a sufficient threat to pull the trigger? And are appointed carriers competent to make that decision? I mean, let's get real... what the hell are MUNI/BART guards doing with lethal weapons in the first place?

But my bigger question is who gives Executioner-in-Chief Barack Obama the power to assassinate innocents across the globe? How do you stop That?
by KH
Saturday Dec 22nd, 2012 6:23 AM
I sometimes wonder if I was clairvoyant when at school (not primary) I felt already guarded by camp guards. In this context I even once heard the objections to child labour with some amazement. Guards are already installed at shops and universities, for which in my country people with a violent profile are used, often also foreigners, I couldn’t handle and that got me nearly a Holocaust syndrome. Yet that didn’t make me a racist, but thinking in terms of the school I could add one and one for them. I have never been amazed at high school shootings, I was amazed at the amazement. Those who were amazed I guessed were the same who suited the camp conditions.
People kill people, also in the case of drones, the way people are formed, only it is not the right excuse for carrying arms or killing. A matter of etiquette like everything we learn at school, except that one thing that I saw it, which is instinctively sensed and one is hated for, if not expelled. Many people never get rid of their mannerism.