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Say No Room for Fukushima - or Election Fraud
by hawkfeather
Saturday Dec 15th, 2012 4:51 PM
There have been shenanigans involving dairy products, as well as in both the Berkeley local and California state election results...

Lately there have been reports of dangerously high levels of cesium radiation being found recently in dairy products. This being a result of the fallout from the Fukushima disaster, we thought we'd launch the `No Room for Fukushima` campaign. That means when the barista asks you if you want room for milk\cream left in your cup o' Joe, tell them, "No thanx, no room for Fukushima, please." You may just want to take a sabbatical from dairy products altogether.

We also say `HELLZ NO!` to election fraud. There was an article posted recently to which said the cost of a hand-recounting the local ballots from the November election had unexplainably gone from the usual $25,000 to $80,000. This report was ostensibly about the San Francisco election, but it just so happens that here in Berkeley, we're questioning the results of the mayor's race here as well as the statewide Proposition 37 (GMO labelling), and were close to getting the $25,000 supposedly needed for a hand recount here. Coincidence? BTW, the sfgate article in question has mysteriously disappeared from their site and archives.