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Benefit: Legal Support for Linda Lemaster "lodging" conviction
Date Sunday December 02
Time 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Details
@India Joze restaurant featuring the fine cuisine of Wok-artist, Joseph Schultz of unique & multi-ethnic dishes, each meant to inspire your taste buds. Dinner will be served. Located across from Metro Transit Center in downtown, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Event Type Fundraiser
Organizer/AuthorBecky Johnson
@India Joze restaurant featuring the fine cuisine of Wok-artist, Joseph Schultz. Speakers to include Attorney Jonathan Gettleman, Linda's defense attorney, Kate Wells, longtime pot attorney & homeless civil rights, & Berkeley attorney, David Beauvais all to speak on the struggle to end the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz, Ca.

On Nov. 9th, Linda Lemaster was convicted under a little-used misdemeanor statute outlawing illegal lodging. She faces up to six months in jail for one act of falling asleep. She hopes to either appeal her conviction or seek a new trial.
Added to the calendar on Monday Nov 26th, 2012 11:34 PM

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by chops
Tuesday Nov 27th, 2012 10:31 AM
Where can I read more about this?

by helper
Tuesday Nov 27th, 2012 12:41 PM
*Linda Lemaster, longtime advocate and writer faces up to six months in jail for falling asleep once in Santa Cruz during a peaceful demonstration against inhumane laws.
Sheriff's and the DA used a little-utilized provision of the State Code which outlaws illegal "lodging." Lodging is not defined in the code anywhere, and was used to break up an otherwise legal protest on the steps of the courthouse in 2010. While Linda Lemaster was not homeless on the date of her citation (Aug 10 2010), she had opted to stay atop the steps that night to watch over Christopher Doyon, who was ill with pneumonia. While she tried to stay awake, around 4:30AM she dropped off, only to be cited for illegal lodging. On November 9th, a jury convicted her. She faces up to SIX MONTHS in JAIL for one act of involuntary sleeping which the DA described as "illegal lodging."

On Sunday, Dec 2nd, beginning at 3:30PM, India Joze Restaurant and master chef, Joseph Schultz will prepare an exotic feast for all attendees. Attorneys Jonathan Gettleman, Kate Wells, and David Beauvais will speak about their experiences fighting a series of anti-homeless laws against sleeping, loitering, and quality of life laws. Linda Lemaster will also read one of her poems.

Steve Pleich will serve as Master of Ceremonies

Suggested donation is $15 per person.
Even is sponsored in part by HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom and by the Santa Cruz Eleven

Please contact Steve Pleich spleich [at] or Becky Johnson becky_johnson222 [at] for more information.
or leave a message on the HUFF line at 831 423-HUFF
by RazerRay
Thursday Nov 29th, 2012 8:36 AM
" she had opted to stay atop the steps that night to watch over Christopher Doyon, who was ill with pneumonia."

Christoper Doyon is a full grown man and he should be able to take care of himself. Linda had/has a functioning auto as do all of Doyon's fan club members. If he had Pneumonia he should have gone to a doctor. IF he had pneumonia... someone should have given him a ride to Dominican ER.

I had the misfortune of knowing Chris Doyon long before PC2010 OR Occupy and most of what Chris Doyon ever spoke at PeaceCamp2010 or OccupySantaCruz in regard to his personal situations were outright lies intended to scam and hustle the gullible and so was his 'bout with Pneumonia'.

It was a lousy defense argument because it was based on a lie. That "Pneumonia victim" never, for even one day, stopped trying to bum cigarettes from me. When you have Pneumonia you don't feel much like smoking... Just sayin'.

If it was true there's no proof anyway, and it's not worth repeating.

I'm still waiting for him to pay Ed back... Good luck Ed, and Crow's STILL waiting for the money for a new computer he fronted to Chris way back at PC, and it's time to stop venerating a ripoff even if the cognitive dissonance as one of the ripped off (economically, emotionally... Linda... Denica, or any other way) is unbearable.
by Lighthouse Linda
Thursday Nov 29th, 2012 12:26 PM
The man whose lungs I decided to monitor on August 9 n 10, 2010, at PeaceCamp2010, WAS very I'll that nite, and he was gravely sick for several days before, as well.

Just because one is over 18 (or 21 or whatever the natives dream up in YOUR neighborhood) doesn't mean every minute one
can be self sufficient. Getting
"old" now, myself, on top of being
a crip, I see this more n more

I spent hours trying to find somebody else, like somebody who was there anyhow woulda
been one willing.

The judge said I should have "called the police" instead of
taking on that responsibility. But
then told the jury to NOT HEAR
my comment when I replied,
"That's what I was trying to do...!"

Wish you coulda seem the insanity
we're calling Justice, in there. The
man's lungs' condition actually is documented in the police reports,
the Deputy commented on the rattling gurgling lung noises, and Doyon was sounding somewhat better by then. I left the moment Doyon was arrested, despite the
way cops were behaving.

I know about that cigs and coffee
lifestyle. But you must've missed a
few day's mooching because I
don't think he had any stashed?

I wasn't being hustled (n I know the difference) that night. And of
COURSE I pushed to get him to the hospital! So F*ck every one
of you if you don't know any
better! Courts, cops, creeps and
crud, if my alleged "rehabilitation"
requires me to ignore someone who is courting death and everybody else has turned away
from such a scene, I'll do what I
did again because the laws are
inadequate when compassion is misconstrued to seem like a taking of property, and further defiled when skewed against Impoverished and homeless
people, and I do not care to SIN
against our Creation knowingly.

There are times we simply can't make our decisions based on fear.

The legal strategy was true to the primary purpose, first Amendment protected speech, but the judge would have no
by RazerRay
Thursday Nov 29th, 2012 6:17 PM
If he had pneumonia he should have gone to the hospital.

I stand by everything else I wrote too including his failure to stop smoking or take any ameliorating measures whatsoever.

I can't help you with the codependency issues you all have in regard to this but YOU GOT TAKEN and like true codependents cannot bring yourselves to admit that Christopher Doyan was/is a common street hustler with ZERO background in social issues or politics, or computer literacy and A LOT of experience getting sympathy.

He did MUCH better with you and your friends than he ever did on the street. He was pretty transparent and had no friends because, like many addicts, and he is/was a pill junkie, everything he shared was hustled from someone else.

Sorry... But that's the truth.

He was always bumming cigarettes from me... But if you ever asked HIM for one...

We ALL know the type out here.

But you and your friends aren't "Out Here"

I support your efforts Linda... You know that, but people like Chris Doyan undermine the veracity of any cause they attach themselves to, because they're only in it for themselves. Fame, fortune, publicity, and that's about it. NO matter what they say or do, at crunch time it's about them.

That's why he owes Ed all that money. "Crunch Time" came and he jumped bail on a bullshit charge that he was too willfully arrogant to avoid because he allegedly (albeit the evidence is most likely undeniable) chose to attack Santa Cruz County's servers, and didn't even use a proxy or VPN, and at the time, didn't even know what proxies and VPNs are. He got caught.

Tsk Tsk... I don't see how that makes him a 'hero' or anything other than a hotheaded schmuck, which BTW, is how he was known "out here".

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