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Fukushima re-starts nuclear program in face of health problems and citizen protests
by Rubble
Sunday Nov 25th, 2012 3:13 PM
Hear audio from a protest several weeks ago in front of the Japanese consulate on Market Street. Two bilingual Japanese visitors speak through a megaphone on the state of affairs in Japan. Labor activist Steve Zeltzer, back from a fact-fining trip to Japan, speaks on the problems he learned of. Protests are being held weekly at the consulate. A protest was held at Union Square in front of droves of tourists on “Black Friday”.
The Japanese government has re-started its nuclear program in Fukushima and throughout the Country, despite heavy protest to disband it. A program of heavy coercion is reportedly in place to once again brand nuclear as a clean, safe, healthy form of energy. Voices of the population are under heavy suppression. This includes parents, many who have learned of significant health problems, some looking at health problems with their own children.

Zeltzer describes Japan’s government being closely connected to the U.S. nuclear program in this implementation, including the clamp down on dissent. The Obama administration continues forging ahead here in the U.S., where many problems exist unaddressed with domestic nuclear facilities. U.S. activists are working to lay a foundation for a renewed anti-nuclear movement here.