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The Walmart Strike has spread to 100 cities!
by Steven Argue
Saturday Nov 24th, 2012 3:07 PM
The good news has gotten better for all workers in the United States.
The Walmart Strike has spread to 100 cities!

The good news has gotten better for all workers in the United States. The strike that began at a few California Walmart locations on October 4th has spread to 100 cities in a number of states including Texas, Washington, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky and Minnesota. Support the Walmart Strikers!

Over the years, while many have said boycott Walmart, I have always answered, "no, unionize it." Of course we should boycott them during the strike, but "solutions" like "voting with our dollars" at so-called "mom and pop stores" have actually never really been solutions. The solution to Walmart's exploitation is not small businesses, it is militant unionism. Due to their smaller profit margins, petite capitalists of small businesses often exploit workers worse than the big ones. The solution in the short run is the building of strong unionism among workers. This will drive up wages and benefits. In the long run, the solution is not small and inefficient businesses, the solution is proletarian revolution that expropriates these the exploiters, big and small, and brings them under workers control, bringing democracy to the use of the wealth created by the working class.

Unionize! Forward towards ending all wage slavery, both by the petite bourgeoisie and the big capitalists! The Revolutionary Tendency is working towards building a revolutionary workers party with these goals. Support the Walmart strikers!

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§Photo: Striking Walmart workers
by Steven Argue Saturday Nov 24th, 2012 3:07 PM
Bangladeshi garment workers (NGWF) in support of Walmart workers in the United States. This union also supported me when I was a political prisoner. Workers of the World Unite!
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