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Power Play
by Gary Mitchell (excallibburr [at]
Wednesday Nov 21st, 2012 5:40 PM
Consitutional rights in dangered by a reckless mayor and his cohorts. Their greed is motovating them to single out a small group and make the rest of pay for it, A mis use of city funds.
Personal Opinion: As a vetreran and a citizen who has put his life on the line for this country when ever it called upon me. When old glory needed me and my family we have always been there. When the city of ST Francis burned we were there to rebuild it. Now ST Francis is in real big trouble: There are those in power who would throw the US Consitution to the wind and all that every fighting man has risked and in astronomical numbers have died for.Why? Mayor Lee and MR Weiner are offended at the site of nudity. They feel as though they are so dam important that the law should only represent them. So they propose to strip every citizen of his or her consitutional protection. Hell, this challenges the very principles that this democracy stands for. Nudity does not rob pillage or kill. In fact it has never been proven to hurt mankind in any fashion. There are in fact many benefits derived from nudity. When I was a young lad we used to swim at the YMCA in the nude, you were not allowed to wear a swim suit. So now these two un American perverts want to make it a fine to take your clothes off. Maybee Donald Trump can come out here and check out their birth certicates and qualications to hold public office.

I feel that the Mayor and his cohorts are misusing public funds by remaking laws that are already in place and do not violate the civil rights that we now enjoy. If these two clowns want a consitutional amendent they should go through the legal proceedings that would be required of any other citizen. Correct me if Iam wrong but the Mayor and the city counsel do not have the power to rewrite or amend or add to consitutional law. It requires a petition with the neccesary signitures to put it on the ballot. Then we have the right to vote it, in or out but it is the decision of the people not Lee or Weiner.

Apart from that, if the city of San Francisco has money to spare,why don't they spend it on cleaning up areas, such as the Tenderloin? The homeless need a break - The jobless need work - We as a nation need an end to this depression. Yes we have a depression, we have been lied too. When we don't have jobs it is not just a recession it's a dam depression. The economics are very simple the politian's allowed are jobs to be shipped across the Pacific ocean so that big business maximise it's profits. I suppose that they won't be satisfied until they bury our civil rights out in the deep along with the rest of the trash.

As a truly concerned citizen who's family has been involved in the building of this city from it's inception. Iam forced to speak out: SanFrancisco from it's humble beginings has been a multi cultrural environment. From the Gold rush to the Barbary Coast with it's Brothels dance halls - Saloons and the Cat Toobs that ran under the city and were used by the Slave traders.Burlesque and nudity has always been alive and well. From the Bohemians , Hippies, free love, Beatnicks and today Gay Pride: We have always been able to live together regardless of our differences. We have been able to maintain a liberal culture.

Our Economy has been such that we have for the most part had a higher standard of living. SanFrancisco is a world renound city, anywhere on the globe people know ST Francis and have a desire to come here. When they come and they do come, MR Mayor, they spend money and that is why we have one of the largest tourist trades in the world. So it makes more sense to add to what we have not to take away. We should show the world a united front thus be a show case for democracy. Let's ring that Liberty ring loud and clear and live up to our beautiful heritage - Wear that flower in our hair, showing love and it's true power. Let the world know that the conept of freedom is alive and prospering in the city of SanFrancisco. We can all be thankfull for being able to share our bounty even with Mayor Lee and his cohorts. The difference between me and the counsel is that I would fight to the death for their rights, its a shame that their greed stops them for returning the feelings.

Until that time when freedom is truly shared. I will remain your citizen :Brother, Gary Mitchell.
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Right On!Freedom of MindSaturday Nov 24th, 2012 11:11 AM