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Civil Disobedience: Nudist Activist Gypsy Taub gets naked at the Committee Hearing
by Gypsy Taub (gypsytaub [at]
Tuesday Nov 13th, 2012 4:47 AM
Nudist activist Gypsy Taub takes off her clothes at the hearing regarding nudity ban proposed by Scott Wiener. (5 min)
Gypsy invites you to a protest against the nudity ban on Wednesday, November 14th @ 12 noon at the City Hall steps
I have had it with sexual repression. I have had it with puritanism. I have had it with hypocrisy. I have had it with snotty stale dudes in suits telling me what I am allowed and not allowed to wear, inhale, enjoy, believe. Scott Wiener really tipped the scale. I came to his hearing and ripped my clothes off to prove to everybody that nobody is going to die if I do that. Any victims reported? Did anybody need an ambulance? Does anybody need therapy now that they saw me naked? SHIIIIIT!!!!

Watch the video, it speaks for itself. I just want to add a few things to clarify the situation.

First of all, I had the biggest blast doing it! I would do it every day if I could. I felt so much joy after this act of civil disobedience, I can't begin to tell you. The last time I felt such joy outside of psychedelic states was a few years ago when USA Today interviewed me and publishes an article about Loose Change 911, my favorite 911 truth film. It was a major break through for our movement (the 911 truth movement) and it was orgasmic!

I already had prior experience in exposing hypocrisy by disrupting snotty stuffy meetings with a dose of truth and passion. Check out my previous work, you are going to love it!

I planned to come and make a naked testimony at the hearing on Nov. 5th. I invited the media announcing my intentions. The media did show up. It was so much fun to yell at Scott Wiener and call him a fascist right to his face. I wish I could do this to Hitler! The audience loved it. I have to say that the sheriff's deputies who escorted me out were very gentle with me. They were barely holding my wrists, and I wasn't resisting at all. It was a very fun show. They had to perform their part and look like "bad guys" and project the message: "This will happen to you if you take your clothes off." - because if they didn't make a scene then everybody would just realize how easy it is to totally get away with taking your clothes off at a public hearing at the City Hall. They did not arrest me, they were very polite. I am sure they realize that there is nothing wrong with nudity since they have to deal with real issue such as real violence. In any event, I am not mad at them, I am mad at Scott Wiener and his hate-spewing supporters.

One woman was complaining - and she was quoted by every news media outlet - she was saying: "I just want to be able to go and get a carton of milk for my child without having to see someone's penis." God, that poor woman! I have a word of advice for her. Next time she goes out there to get that carton of milk and sees those naughty nudists out there, instead of looking at their penises she should try looking at their faces. It's not like their penises are so huge that they block the view of everything else. It's not like there is nothing else to see out there besides those penises. Gee, considering the size of a penis in comparison with the sizes of other body parts and other objects on the street you would wonder how she always manages to zoom in on that penis with such militaristic precision!

Another dude was saying that the nudists are "misbehaving". And Scott Wiener and his puppets - Sean Elsbernd and Carmen Chu - kept nodding. Is this shit for real? We spend hundreds of years trying to perfect our legal system to institute justice and this old dude just shows up out of the blue and says that we should be getting fined and arrested because we are "misbehaving". I bet Scott Wiener and his clique of supporters wish they could just pass a "Misbehaving" Bill that would let them fine and arrest anybody any time.

When we were visiting the offices of different Supervisors we were told that Carmen Chu and Sean Ellsbernd always vote the way Scott Wiener votes. I don't get it. Do we have a puppet regime at the Board of Supervisors?

Please come to the protest against the nudity ban on Wednesday, November 14th @ 12 noon at the City Hall steps

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by smiling
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012 3:59 PM
all power to you !
by reader
Wednesday Nov 14th, 2012 7:02 PM
Nudism may be healthy and freeing, but Gypsy Taub is not. I've seen her viciously verbally attack anyone who questions her positions on conspiracies. She's not interested in evidence or "truth", she's interested in control of the message.