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Lemaster Lodging 647(e) Trial: Closing

Friday, November 09, 2012
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Event Type:
Court Date
lighthouse Linda
Location Details:
California Superior Court of Santa Cruz County
701 Ocean St, Santa Cruz CA

Honorable Judge Rebecca Connolly's courtroom/Dept # 1

Witnesses and evidence are done being presented. Judge Connolly has given the Jurors some dozen or so instructions specific to this crime, and some general ones.

The District Attorney Alex Byers is well into his closing presentation and will finish first thing today (Fri). Then one of my 2 attorneys, Jonathan Gettleman, will make his closing arguments.

The Judge says she hopes to cloister the Jury before lunch. This trial is about a citation I got at Peace Camp 2010, August nite, 9th-10th.

While I realize it's his job, it is hard for me to swallow how the D.A. gets to call me a liar and I am not permitted to reply. It is not even needed to
show the "elements" of the crime of unlawful lodging as it is redefined this time. (got a bad headache from the suppressed feelings.)

Beaucoup Gracias to the 16 supportive folks in the audience on Thursday!
Added to the calendar on Thu, Nov 8, 2012 6:23PM
A guilty verdict. Took me by surprise, tho't I was ready for any outcome, but it knocked me down spiritually and energetically.

It is hard to keep one's immediate reverie from drifting toward what seems unfair about this process. But we must all choose life over looking backwards too much, every bit as much as we must stop to aid a person in real danger or else
carry their peril in our conscience evermore.

Both sets of attorneys in this case got to talk with a couple of the jurors right after the Bailiff read their Decision and
then jurors were released. It was interesting and I hope to
describe, maybe explore, the considerations shared when I'm sleep-recovered.

Meantime, another verse of "nothing left to lose" twirls
through time, and lives are lost in the balance of
unquenchable, inexorable, unconscionable devotion to gods
of a Profiteering Status Quo that has long been stretched
thin at best.

The 22 percent increase in local homelessness within two years is just one of many indicators showing our social systems can't function as designed. (ASR,Inc. For one source)

So on December 3rd there will be a Sentencing Hearing and
I must be there. My attorneys will be considering bringing
motions (or something?) to that hearing. Meanwhile, since trial is over and I may resume my life (plus the punishment
of course), am assuming that bringing my long stalled
grievances about how PeaceCamp2010 was uprooted inappropriately by Sheriff Deputies to this County's Board of
Supervisors. Plus a letter to our reps in Sacramento as I has
promised to do once my freedom of speech is restored. (Silenced in regard for the court/trial.)

Who wants to help?

§Protest Sleeping, or Sleep Protesting?
by Linda Ellen Lemaster
Sometimes in real life, people are tending to more than one thing at a time.

Why should I have to live in a black-n-white Pleasantville kind of reality and pretend that life is never messy? To make it easier for lawyers and Judges and the State to separate us all from each other in ever more ways? Believe it or not, I am responsible for my effluvia and for that around me as much as possible, and much moreso than socially expected of us (so far).

I *was* protesting, the night I got cited. Clearly he Judge didn't want the Jurors distracted with complications. Disappointed me, too.

Also, and requiring a great deal more focus at least for me, I was trying to protect and shield a very sick man so that he could get some rest. I feared for his life, but I also deeply understood that if he could both breathe and sleep, the extreme distress of his lungs (what he and others called "double pneumonia") might life a bit. To me, it had seemed critical that night. I'd fell great relief when the gurgling and rattle in his lungs gave way for a muffled snore. This was 40 or so hours since I'd tried to get him to go to Dominican Hospital. None of the Deputies who had talked with him in those two prior days took it seriously, What would you have done? If you witness a wreck along Hwy 17, would you make a point of showing the Deputies or first responders where people landed, or were caught, give them your name and phone number" or would you run for cover the moment you heard the siren approaching?

At PC2010, plenty of folks DID run for cover, leaving behind their blankets the D.A. insisted belonged to me. In life, more folks feel they need to run for cover, than feel they need to help with the cleanup or the bodycount or assessment or recovery. But we can see specialization isn't altogether working (especially at 4:30 am in rural counties)

Ever been to a rock concert in the early days? Just because you're having a good time, doesn't mean you get to ignore it when somebody next to you ODs or the car up front blocks the muddy road. Whether all hands on deck, or just a pulse-checking vigil, I think most reasonable folks would have paid attention to somebody that sick if they heard his obstructed breathing, don't you?

Where-from this assumption that if I'm giving care I'm not protesting as well? I have so far betrayed no "sides" in that PC2010 August 9/10 conflagration, not even the Deputies. I don't mind working off my assigned guilt, if that is the Judge's pleasure. still it feels like the whole trial process got compromise.
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