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N3 National Day of Action - Was it Enough?
Monday Nov 5th, 2012 11:18 AM
On October 10th Occupy Portland and the Portland Action Lab invited all people to mobilize for the NOVEMBER 3 DAY OF ACTION. We already have reports from the protest in Portland, although it was willfully ignored by the proprietary media, so far. Here is the original announcement. Download the poster, this protest won't die.

 Occupy and Portland Action Lab issued a Call last month for Saturday's Action. Thumbnail below links to their poster.

Our dreams don’t fit in their ballot boxes


We resist 1% austerity budgets at all levels, creating massive cuts to education, healthcare, and other social services. Corporations control ourSolidarity against Austerity governments, hoard wealth, privatize our community resources, and burden us with enormous debt — This is AUSTERITY and we say Enough is Enough! Our power is in our neighborhoods, building alternatives, and taking to the streets! Let the wealthy and corporations pay for the crisis they created. No matter who is elected, we are part of building a movement where our communities will make our own decisions and control our own resources. On November 3rd, we voted with our feet! Solidarity against austerity!


Invitation to participate in Nov 3 Day of Action in Portland:

Occupy Portland and the Portland Action Lab is leading a national call to action uniting diverse social movements.  On November 3rd Portland will join cities across the country to say Solidarity Against Austerity! Corporations control our governments, hoard wealth, privatize our community resources, and burden us with enormous debt — This is AUSTERITY and we say Enough is Enough!

We invite you as an individual or as a representative of your organization to join the Solidarity Against Austerity spokes council. Please join one of the existing spokes or come as an affinity group wanting to take action against the corporations on November 3rd. Our next meeting will be announced shortly on Portland Action Lab website,

Groups that want to participate in the day of action are invited to form an affinity group and organizing direct actions on Nov 3rd; this can be done without participating in the spokescouncil, though we encourage all affinity groups and organizations to coordinate and be in touch with the Action Lab in advance of Nov 3rd. Portland Action Lab, the group that organized the Occupy the Banks Day of Action and Feb 29th Shut Down the Corporations Day of Action operates on a spokes council model. Small groups focusing on specific tasks (outreach, media, logistics, training, process, etc) meet outside of and during planning sessions and report back to the group with updates and questions

This is a national call to action brought forth by Occupy Portland. We need your help to reach Occupy Movements and other like minded organizations across the nation.

Links to more information:
Solidarity Against Austerity, the national call to action site:
Portland Action Lab, info on how to get involved locally:
Facebook Event for the Portland event:
Facebook page for the National Call to Action:
Portland Action Lab facebook page:
Portland Action Lab Twitter:

IndyRadio says - It's Not Over! Stay tuned for continuing coverage.


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