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Prop 32 Rally in the Imperial Valley Mall
by David Partida (dpartida [at]
Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
On Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, at around 5:40 pm, a coalition of unions in Imperial County united their voice in Opposition to Prop 32. Prop 32 will effectively silence the voice of the middle class and the working class families in California's political scene- which will have a trickle out effect to the rest of the nation. Imperial County unions brought their united voice to the public at the Imperial Valley Mall Food Court. Video is about 1:14.
As the 2012 general elections fast approach, unions in the Imperial Valley rally in opposition to Prop 32. State workers, county workers, members in education, in-home healthcare workers, electricians, nurses, correctional officers, Imperial Valley College students, high school students, middle school students, elementary school students and their families joined together in a concerted union rally in opposition to Prop 32. Around 300 workers all together chanted "UNION STRONG."

There are around 16,000 union members in Imperial County. According to the state's Employment Development Department, the unemployment rate in Imperial County is 28.5 percent as of September 2012. In the Imperial Valley union wages and benefits drive the local economy. Imperial Valley shoppers and patients of local dentists and doctors for the most part are union families. If Prop 32 passes, then the union weakens politically. In the near future, the same wealthy special interests supporting Prop 32 will strike again by drafting another proposition to end collective bargaining rights in California- similar to what happened recently in Wisconsin and Ohio. The passage of Prop 32 will mean a determent in the continual structural and economic growth of the Imperial Valley. In this spirit, to protect our communities, homes and our livelihood, all the unions in Imperial County united and send a strong message- "Without unions, there is no Mall." "Vote NO on Prop 32!"

Prop 32 is a proposition facing California voters in the November general elections. Prop 32 is the third attempt to effectively commence a process to eliminate unions in California. In 1998, then-Governor Pete Wilson supported Proposition 226, which was defeated when 53 percent of the voters rejected this attack on the middle class and the working class. In 2005, then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called a special election to ram through a series of measures, including Proposition 75. Again, that measure was rejected by 53 percent of voters. Both times in the past, there was an anti-labor governor who raised money from wealthy conservative political donors and business leaders to silence the voice of the middle and working class of California. In 2012, those same wealthy special interests, including out-of-state billionaires, are supporting Proposition 32 (

Prop 32 will silence the voice of the middle class and the working class families in California, by making it illegal for California's unions to participate financially in California's politics. This proposition will make it illegal for unions and businesses alike to withdraw money from employees' paychecks.

The problem is that seldom do corporations conduct payroll deductions for political purposes. Usually, a corporation interested in California's politics for profit-related interests donate a large amount of money via a CEO or their governance board, not their employees. If more than one corporation has similar agendas, they form what is called a Super PAC. A Super PAC is any organization in the United States that campaigns for or against a candidate, ballot initiatives, or legislation ( Corporation's Super PAC donate a repulsive amount of money to politicians and ballot initiatives that will tremendously increase their profits. Corporate Super PACs, have spent almost $100 million trying to influence California's elections since 2000 (

On the other hand, the union's resources come strictly from the member's dues and political contributions via monthly payroll deductions. This initiative "purports to take aim at all special interests in politics but in reality targets unions." (,0,7326255.story) "In reality, Proposition 32 is a deceptive measure that would disproportionately weaken some special interests while leaving others essentially unaffected."

The Imperial Valley unions and all unions in California encourage you to use your voice. Vote on Tuesday!
§Union Solidarity!
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
§Rally Video in the IV Mall Food Court
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
I apologize in advance for the video quality. Next time I will use a better camera. I just hope it does not interfere with you receiving the emotions felt during the rally.
§SEIU Local 1000 Marching
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
§SEIU Local 1000 Fist
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
§SEIU Local 1000 Members
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM
§SEIU Local 1000 Family
by David Partida Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 7:02 PM