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Lodging 647(e) Trial: Jury Selection Begins

Monday, November 05, 2012
1:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Event Type:
Court Date
Linda Ellen Lemaster
Location Details:
California Superior Court for Santa Cruz County
701 Ocean St, (at Water St.)

Judge Rebecca Connolly, Dept/Courtroom #1, Santa Cruz

Finally the Lodging 647(e) Trial for Linda Lemaster Begins

Jury selection starts at 1:30 pm. Likely rest of court's day.

Arguments likely start tomorrow, 11 - 6, start time yet to be announced. (look for comment here once time's confirmed)
Added to the calendar on Fri, Nov 2, 2012 9:48PM
§Lemaster Lodging 647(e) Trial, Day Two
by Linda Ellen Lemaster
Thanks, Sylvia, for posting the court hours! And everyone, for your sympathy and support.

I have survived sitting still for over three hours Monday (only one coughing bout). Let's see if I can survive my own lodging trial intact?

Meeting my attorneys tomorrow early, then court at 10 am. It is tangible and wonderful to have so much support from friends and from our Occupy network.

Today, the DA added two videos to the allowed evidence, which he said he found on You Tube, of me at PeaceCamp2010. I suspect we have anonymous to thank for the marketing? I never knew I was on you-tube! And as of today the definition for "Lodging 647(e) seems more complex than at others' earlier trials.

Perhaps the DA, Mr. Alex Byers, hopes to make me into a bigtime activist for the jury,? Really, he's like twenty-five years too late for that. There was once a time, long before the earthquake, that I flew to Sacto to lobby; the only not-suit in the crowded little planes from San Jose. But these days life's more like scrounging pennies for p-nut butter, that's my "occupation." But we shall see what manifests once the Jury is fully selected. Judge Rebecca Connolly (dept/courtroom #1) is hopeful of having jury seated (sworn in? dunno what word) before the afternoon.

The Judge seems to be on her toes, which is refreshing. I can't talk about the case though, so that's my update for now. Ten a.m. start in court until it's done, and done by Friday latest.

If you haven't already, please vote today. I'm not doing all these decades of work just to watch the apocalypse go bye-bye! At least vote against the Death Penalty, if you are one of my friends, and if you can, please?

And after that, if you want to check out some of this trial, you are totally appreciated, and you may even enjoy this jury or the questioning.

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by A. Supporter
I offer my solidarity and support, and hope others can do the same.
by Sylvia
Tues 11/6 10 AM Jury selection continues.
Tues - Fri 10 - 2; 1:30 - 4:30, Dept 1
NOTE TO READER: From the article: "sheriff's deputies cited sleeping people using a state law that makes lodging outside a misdemeanor." Actually, illegal lodging can occur outside or inside and on public or private property anywhere within the boundaries of the State of California. By law, its anywhere the "person in charge" says you can't be, which is, well, everywhere. Kind of broad. And kind of horrible. Please attend as much of this trial as possible. Please give support to Linda's two pro-bono attorneys, Jonathan Gettleman and Eric Nelson. And please give hell to DA Bob Lee for choosing to enforce this archaic law which cribs language from civil war era "Black Codes" used against Negros and Mulattos, outlawing "settling in". Please support Linda Lemaster. She faces up to six-months in jail if convicted. Previously convicted Peace Camp 2010 members, Gary Johnson and Ed Frey were sentenced to six months in jail on a first offence (the maximum allowed under State law). Gary was incarcerated in September and will soon rejoin humanity. Ed Frey is on house arrest. ---Becky Johnson of HUFF

Trial starting for Santa Cruz woman charged in 2010 Peace Camp demonstration

By Jessica M. Pasko
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Posted: 11/05/2012 05:55:06 PM PST

SANTA CRUZ -- Opening statements are expected to begin Tuesday for a woman facing criminal charges in connection with a 2010 demonstration held in protest of the camping ban in Santa Cruz.

Linda Lemaster is charged with misdemeanor illegal lodging for sleeping outside as part of the so-called Peace Camp 2010 protest.

The demonstration began July 4, 2010, as a protest against a city law that makes it an infraction to sleep outside in public spaces from 11 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. The protest began on the steps of the Santa Cruz County Superior Court before moving to Santa Cruz City Hall and ultimately ended on Oct. 2 of that year.

After issuing warnings to those sleeping at the courthouse, sheriff's deputies cited sleeping people using a state law that makes lodging outside a misdemeanor.

Lemaster was among several people arrested in the protest, along with defense attorney Ed Frey and self-proclaimed homeless hacker Christopher Doyon. Frey was sentenced in July to six months in jail on an illegal lodging conviction stemming from the case. Another man, Gary Johnson, was sentenced last year to six months in jail for illegal lodging. Johnson was convicted of the same offense earlier this year after sleeping outside several times in December as a protest against the law.

Lemaster, a longtime advocate for the homeless, is projects facilitator for the Santa Cruz group Housing Now!

Her attorney, Jonathan Che Gettleman, has argued that the illegal lodging law was misused to put an end to the protest and that it violated the constitutional right to assemble peacefully.

Prosecutor Alex Byers was not immediately available for comment Monday.

Follow Sentinel reporter Jessica M. Pasko on Twitter at
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