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Ariana Tanabe testified to grand jury
by Resist.
Thursday Nov 1st, 2012 1:56 PM
Ariana Tanabe is confirmed to have cooperated with a grand jury harassing local vegans and those associated with the local animal rights movement.
It is confirmed by attorneys that Ariana Tanabe has cooperated with the active grand jury, ostensibly investigating a 2008 arson on the property of UC-Santa Cruz vivisector. In reality, the grand jury was convened as a fishing expedition to harass local activists and destroy our movements and networks.

She plead the fifth at her first hearings. But when the government threatened to hold her in contempt, she acquiesced and testified. It is unclear what questions were asked. Collaboration with the state is never acceptable.
§Re: Ariana Tanabe
by via Ben Rosenfeld Friday Nov 9th, 2012 2:35 PM
Regarding the posts that Ariana Tanabe cooperated with the government by testifying before a grand jury allegedly investigating fire-related incidents in Santa Cruz in 2008:

I am not Ariana’s attorney, but I have knowledge that the characterization that she cooperated with a grand jury is misleading and unnecessarily divisive. While testifying does not constitute resistance, it does not automatically constitute cooperation. After Ariana and her attorney vigorously challenged a series of subpoenas over a four year period, she appeared before a grand jury and answered a limited set of questions which the government previewed to her attorney, rather than go to jail. She did so because (a) she had no information regarding the incidents the government was investigating, and (b) she knew in advance the questions they would ask her.