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UC Davis Disorientation Guide 2012 - 2013
by anonymous
Monday Oct 22nd, 2012 10:05 AM
The creation of this guide included the collaboration of many different people: writers, artists, students, faculty, community members, and some badass editors alike combined efforts to create this guide. As such, the authors have chosen to remain anonymous, but if you would like to get in contact with the creators of the UC Davis Disorientation Guide to make a comment, ask a question, or to learn more abut anything covered or forgotten in the Guide, email davisdisorientation [at]
Broken GATE. Open door?

A good hit.

Migration time.

Disorientation Guide.

Summer is gone. Days are shorter. Migration season has flown bye. Fall semester is here and your schedule is full. You are now attending a UC land grant university, the only college town in the UC system, with an ever growing campus.

An unfamiliar town, cautiously placed between the Sierras and the sea, bounded by wetlands and farms, most arrive for University, but many stay for the community. An elite campus that is mostly absent of pillars and includes a gentle sprinkling of domes.

Who are you and how will you evolve? Perhaps the choices you make these next few years will put you on a path of an ever greater awareness of your surroundings and your impact within and around them. Perhaps your creativity and genius will replace entrenched dysfunction with institutional infrastructure that thrives based on flexible sustainable models- which give and rejuvenate the surrounding environment.

Not accustomed to change, though perhaps you will learn to flow with it, and in doing so change us all. Already accomplished, though perhaps the wheel will yield a new glimmer and shape if you lend us your edge. You may want to shed, if so, welcome to our garden, we grew here, danced, swam and sang. Don't leave without knowing.

If you hide, show us where. If you're shy, so are we. Fear we are not. Weavers, potters, collectors in the dark, we watch the stars from the flat of the land. Yes, something just moved. Curled like cats we sleep with a universal dream. Funny hats strewn over yesterday's hair, caught reading Rumi in very bad posture. Programming the next happening, planting seeds that yield onion breath and eagle vision, because it's hawks and doves that we are. Dragon claws mark us, tigers fierce one and all. We balance ledgers, pipes, pulleys, and throw fire. Don't go without us.

Music and hoops, spinning and smoke, organic and listening. It's harvest time where are you, we can't wait forever, but if that's what it takes. Curious dogs that we are, we growl, smile, laugh, teach, forgive, cheat, blend, mix, lie, shuffle and stray, and we keep coming back for more. Tall bamboo, black roosters and red chiles cover us, 'cuz were in the dirt again.

Turn the soil grow a beard, cheer the badly played ball, the sky is not for sale, the moon a courted quest. We are looking for you, come find us. We wear dresses and boots, take classes with no shoes or shirts, only trees required, picnic tables and crates, half barrels, long gaits.

We occupy, decolonize, relocate, transfer, matriculate, graduate, pass through, go around and move on. Don't walk alone, we group good. We cook and sew, science and sound, bless and forget. We show stories, parade the absurd, protest the protest, call out, show up and work hard. Give us a chance, you're worth it. We can and jam, trade and swing, color and howl.

We are stardust and bold, shiver and stair, question and pick things up.
§UC Davis Disorientation Guide 2012 - 2013
by anonymous Monday Oct 22nd, 2012 10:05 AM

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** Download the Guide as a PDF, click on the image above **

Table of Contents

Medicinal Herbs in Yolo County
Paolo Freire Open University
Privatization of the UCs: the Basics
Meet the Media
Don't Panic, Are We Organic?
Seed Saving 101
Project Compost
The Thrill of the Find
Chop From the Top
A Brief History of Protest at UC Davis
Reflections from UC Davis: On Academic Freedom and Campus Militarization
Who Are the Banker's Dozen?
Consent Is...Good for Sex, Good for Life
A Word About the Weather
The Flatland Food Collective on Fighting Food Insecurity
Protest in the Year One A.K. (After Katehi)
Sex, Gender and Sexuality...possibly more complicated than you thought
E St. Pole Dancing
The Sustainable Research Area (SRA)
Food Not Bombs
Davis Bee Sanctuary
Recreational Drugs and Safety
How Whole Is Your Food?
Free Food
Empathy In Davis