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This may shock you: 41.15% of all taser deaths in California were Latin@s !
by SF Pro C.I.T. /NO_TASER Taskforce
Sunday Oct 21st, 2012 11:47 AM
Out of 170 people killed by tasers in California, 70 were people of Latino or Hispanic descent. That is 41.15% of all taser deaths in our state.
This may shock you : 41.15% of all taser deaths in CALFORNIA were Latin@s !

Dead at the hands of poorly trained law enforcement officers in California...killed by the very same “LESS LETHAL WEAPONS” that Police Chief Greg Suhr is determined to deploy in San Francisco.

In Loving Memory of Latinos killed by Tasers in California

Out of 170 people killed by tasers in California, 70 were people of Latino or Hispanic descent. That is 41.15% of all taser deaths in our State


LOS ANGELES (45 deaths)

SAN JOSE (7 deaths)

MODESTO & FRESNO (6 deaths for each city)

Do we want SFPD to join the Taser-Killing-Game California Contest ?


Aug. 10, Vincent Alvarez, 27, Los Angeles


Jan. 22, Raul Guevara, Jr. 30, Los Angeles


Dec. 27, Joseph Rodriguez, 24, Santa Clara


May 18, Robert Zapata, 37, Los Angeles,


Jul. 22, Miguel Contreras, 27, Los Angeles
Nov. 2, Mario Antonio Gastelum, 24, San Diego


Feb.14, Jose Torres, 31, Los Angeles
May 15, Jorge Hernandez, 28, Los Angeles


Aug. 13, Glen Gonzalez, 26, Los Angeles


Nov. 2, Max Leyza Garcia, 40, Fullerton


Sept.14, David Martinez, 27, Los Angeles


Sept. 28, David Torres Flores, 37, Fairfield County


May 14, Enrique Juarez Ochoa, 34, Bakersfield


Jun. 10, Eddie Alvarado, 32, Los Angeles
Jun. 27, Fermin Rincon, 24, Fontana
Jul. 19, Johnny Lozoya, 24, Gardena


Aug. 29, Michael Rosa, 38, Del Rey Oaks
Nov. 8, Ricardo Zaragoza, 40, Elk Grove
Nov. 15, Jesse Robert Tapia, 37, Pomona
Dec. 23, Ronnie Pino, 31, Sacramento


Jan. 10, Jerry Moreno, 33, Los Angeles
Feb.12, Robert Camba, 45, San Diego
May 23, Richard Alverado, 38, Tustin
Jun. 2, Nazario J. Solorio, 38, Escondido
Jul. 2, Tommy V. Gutierrez, 38, Sacramento County
Jul. 8, Raul Jimenez Buenrostro, 29, Fontana
Jul. 16, Carlos Casillas Fernandez, 31, Santa Rosa
Jul. 25, Elisio Maldanado, 33, Los Angeles
Sept. 22, Timothy Michael Torres, 24, Sacramento
Oct. 20, Jose Perez, 33, San Leandro
Nov.17, :Jose Angel Rios, 38, San Jose


Jan.25, Jorge Luis Trujillo, San Jose,
Jan,31, 2006: Jaime Coronel, Castroville
Jun. 10, Vicki Avila, 31, Orange County
Jun. 24, John Martinez, San Jose
Jul. 6: Ramiro Garcia, 39, Patterson
Aug. 8, James Nunez, 27, Santa Ana
Sept 24, Jesus Mejia, 33, Los Angeles


Jan.12, 2007: Pedro Carlos Madrid, 44, Fresno
Feb. 21, 2007: Martin Mendoza, 43, Oceanside
Mar. 17, David Mendoza, 25, West Covina
Apr.11, Roberto Perez, 25, Indio
May 23, Raymundo Guerrerro Garcia, 33, Simi Valley
May 24, Cecil Wayne Valenzuela, 39, Bakersfield
May 25, Steve Salinas, 47, San Jose
Jun. 10, Israel Guerrero, 29, San Benito County
Nov.30, Cesar Silva, 32, Los Angeles


Apr. 1, Jason Jesus Gomez, 35, Santa Ana
Apr.6, Jose Mendoza-Escobar, 35, Los Angeles County
Apr.22, : Uriah Samson Dach, 26, Richmond
May 28, Ricardo Manuel Abrahams, 44, Woodland
Jul..8, Carlos Vargas, 42, San Bernardino
Sept.15, : Guadalupe Zavala, 87, San Diego
Oct. 31, Marlon Oliver Acevedo, 35, Riverside
Nov. 9, Guy James Fernandez, 42, Santa Rosa
Dec.19, Edwin Rodriguez, 26, San Jose


Apr. 6, : Ricardo Varela, 41, Fresno,
Jul. 26, Kelly Michael Galindo, 40, San Bernardino
Aug.26, Miguel Molina, 27, Los Angeles
Dec.11, 2009: Paul Martin Martinez Jr., 36, Roseville


Jan.29, Ronald Dennis Palacios, 28, Los Angeles
Mar. 4, Roberto Olivo, 33, Tulare
Mar. 19, Albert Valencia, 31, Downey,
May 29, 20Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, 42, San Ysidro
Jul. 5, : Edmund Gutierrez, 22, Imperial


Jul. 5, 2011: Alvaredo Flores-Bravo, 46, Marysville
Aug. 11, Joseph Novoa Lopez, 49, Santa Barbara


Jan. 2, Mario Marin, 53, Santa Ana
Jan.15, Hutalio Serrano, 43, Colto
May 21, Alex Roman Quintanilla, 22, Barstow


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by beeeee
Sunday Oct 21st, 2012 5:35 PM
maybe cause latinos have sort of an oath of respect ,and cops are fearful of that.
by Reading
Monday Oct 22nd, 2012 7:56 AM
(Public Policy Institute: Latino Likely Voters in California, August 2012)
Latinos are 38% of California's population, and most likely more as poor people are always undercounted by the census. They are overwhelimingly workingclass, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $77,000 a year, as among Latinos, 45% make less than $40,000 and 33% make $40,000 to $80,000 a year. So, 78% are workingclass. These police state weapons such as deadly tasers exist to terrorize the workingclass into accepting low wages and terrible working conditions so the capitalist class can maximize its profits, the primary goal of capitalism. Now there are no jobs, and the capitalist class has no interest in promoting jobs, so we have a genocide program. The end of this nightmare can only come with a united workingclass able to carry out a general strike to put an end to capitalism.
by Anon
Monday Oct 22nd, 2012 3:17 PM
Hispanics are 38% of the California, and 41% of taser deaths were Hispanic - basically the same. So since taser deaths appear to be proportional to overall population demographics, what is your point? That police aren't disproportionately targeting Hispanics? Because that's what the numbers say.
by realitychick
Wednesday Oct 31st, 2012 1:17 PM
I would be grateful if, in future, you would provide a link to my Truth ... not tasers website ( when you copy names and dates from my "list of the dead". A total of 756 people have died in North America after they were tasered and I will continue to populate the list for as long as I can. A hat tip now and then is always appreciated. Thank you!