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A Tent is a Home: A Statement by Mark Schwartz
by Mark Schwartz for Berkeley Mayor
Friday Oct 12th, 2012 9:28 PM
Berkeley write-in mayoral candidate Mark Schwartz was an original member of the Occupy Financial District San Francisco (OccupySF), having served on the Occupy San Francisco Finance Working Group. As well, Mark Schwartz partook in Occupy Berkeley, Occupy Oakland and has supported Occupy Cal.
A tent is not a tent; it is a home. Anyone who violates the Constitution must be convicted of high treason - in this case the mayors of Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Our Constitution allows for freedom of speech and peaceful assembly (First Amendment), and the right of the people to be secure in their person, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures (Fourth Amendment). There were homeless people in our Occupy encampment and the tents were their homes. Why should the downtrodden have to be abandoned and freeze on the streets of our urban cities? Moreover, we have the right to sit or lie on the street as a protest. This letter is asking the people of the United States, all of us, to petition the government to redress our grievances, and to replace its current officials with newly-elected candidates who believe in our Constitution. Let us be one, united to promote the people.

Thank you,
Mark Schwartz
Oct 9th, 2012


^ Affordable housing for homeless, disabled, elderly and students.
^ Tents in Ohlone, Willard Provo Parks, so that homeless do not have to sleep on concrete sidewalks.
^ Plaza for Telegraph Avenue between Bancroft and Dwight Way to reduce noise and air pollution, provide places for people to gather and talk, induce musicians and poets to perform, and aid merchants in their businesses.
^ Promote a solar driven transportation system that will include Albany, Richmond, Oakland and Berkeley, with a ferry from the marina to SF.
^ No on Measure S; it's a civil liberties issue. Mark Schwartz was arrested in San Francisco for protesting while sitting on the sidewalk. Did community service for Mumia and Tenants Union.
^ End the death penalty.
^ Label genetically modified food.
^ No genetic development/engineering by Aquatic Park, waterside.

* Graduate of Cornell University, with a degree in engineering.
* Published poet.
* Co-founder of the East Bay Caucus of the Harvey Milk Gay Democratic Club, and a member of its current Political Action Committee.
* Volunteer with KPFA and Courage to Resist
* Contributor to War Resisters League, Friends Committee on Legislation of California, KALX, and Livermore Conversion Project.
* Attends county and state meetings of the Green Party. Supports the Peace and Freedom platform, and serves as an elector for the Rocky Anderson for President Campaign.
* Served a temporary member of the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Convention, and recruited 38 delegates to the 1980 Democratic National Convention, based on support for the ERA and being openly lesbian or gay.
* Studied constitutional law and environmental law at Cornell.
* Member of the Social Justice Committee of the Fellowship of the Unitarian-Universalists. Attends Quaker meetings and Congregation Sha'ar Zahar (a LGBTQ synagogue).
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