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Men Vermont Candidates for Governor Refuse to Be Seen With Women Candidates!!!
by Cris Ericson (usmjp [at]
Wednesday Oct 10th, 2012 6:50 PM
CCTV in Burlington, the largest city in Vermont, held a gubernatorial candidate debate and NONE of the four men candidates showed up in person, all refusing to debate the two women candidates LIVE on t.v.! Ms. Cris Ericson and Ms. Emily Peyton were SNUBBED!
Ms. Cris Ericson and Ms. Emily Peyton
were the only two candidates for
Governor of Vermont 2012
who showed up LIVE in the studio
at award winning CCTV in Burlington,
the largest city in Vermont,
while all of the MEN candidates
and refused to be seen with them in person!

Dave Eagle, one of the men candidates
for governor, called in with his answers
to questions, but couldn't be bothered
to drive to the studio!

Incumbent Governor, Democrat Peter Shumlin,
showed his amazing and overwhelming arrogance
by not coming and not even calling.

Likewise, Republican Randy Brock
gave the women candidates the
total and complete disrespect
that he is known already for.

The men candidates in Vermont for Governor
need to be taught a lesson,
vote for one of the women,
either Ms. Cris Ericson
or Ms. Emily Peyton.

Watch the show the
MEN refused to go to!

Online video of Oct. 9, 2012 CCTV
Vermont Governor candidate debate
with USMJP Cris Ericson,
United States Marijuana Party in Vermont
Emily Peyton - independent,
and snubber Dave Eagle by telephone only,
Liberty Union Party.

Cris explains that
incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin
will only decriminalize marijuana,
she will legalize marijuana.

Cris states that
God was the first marijuana legalization activist
He gave us Every Seed Bearing Plant
in the Old Testament Hold Bible, Genesis.