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Police arrest live streammer from NYC at SF Protest
Monday Oct 8th, 2012 6:22 AM
Photos coming in from the weekend show that the protests went well, but police in San Fransisco couldn't stomach the anticapitalist protest on Friday.
San Francisco police arrested Michael Pellagatti @thePellaReport who was live streaming the anti-capitalist anti-colonialist march.
According to an observer at the Policeman's Ball that followed on the heels of the Anti-Capitalist protest in San Fransisco on Friday, " Michael was just walking and filming when attacked by police. Now he is being held on $36,000 bail in a San Francisco jail on five alleged accounts." This from Migna Khan of Advocates for Peace and Social Justice

Note in the newswire others did get video without being arrested. Michael is known for his work with OWS in NYC.
They know how to scan a crowd and pick out individuals.

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It seemed to take at least a dozen police for the arrest of each individual. Notice the hoodies in the top photo. Is that why? Or is it because they're mocking the Zionists and Colombus?